In the weeks ahead, I will complete the task of publishing the first release: the Massive Missiles. This includes:

  1. You Make Me Wanna Make Mistakes, an introduction to the Ontology and orientation, published 12/16/2017.
  2. This Book, the Proposal for the Institute for Endogenous Technology and the Spore Initiative
  3. The Ontology: The Bloom Universe and You (1 book, 2+ powerpoints)
  4. The four revisions to Relativity (four books)
  • Gravity, carrying capacity, and squanching
  • The physics of Time
  • States of Matter, relative to the subjective experience of time’s, as constrained by four+ variables
  • Interiority— which describes the interaction of strings, superposition, and consciounsess
  • Blooms in Consciousness— My personal A2 Consciousness Journey
  1.  The Reveries: my contribution to the rich transcendentalist literature of our great country, as engendered and inspired by the Ontology and A2, as a thank you to to my idol, Ralph Waldo Emerson, for his book Nature, in which he inspired me to strive to attain this Theory of Nature, which indeed explains all phenomenon.
  2. Mail Game 1 – Illustrated and handwritten book dispersed as letters to my friends introducing them to the work
  3. Mail Game 2 – The Warning, to played with Patreon donors
  4. Mail Game 3 – The First Stamped, Self-Addressed Envelope (SASE) campaign, available to the the broader public, once I return to the Lab in Humboldt, ideally Mar 1, 2018 
  5. Superposition: a three volume illustrated work, to completed at the advent of our successful Kickstarter/Gofundme campaign, summarizing:
  • New horizons in imagination
  • Tricognitive holarchic you and A2 consciousness
  • Endogenous Technology and DIY SPORE workbook

All of these books are produced in different formats— illustrated, picture book, straight theory, powerpoint— at a broad range of reading levels so that everyone has a way in to their Institute for Endogenous Technology.

These works, in addition to an ongoing host of podcasted and YouTube supplementary materials, will all be available indefinitely on endogenous.tech. EVERYTHING I HAVE AND WILL MAKE IN SUPPORT OF THIS WORK I BEAQUEATH TO POSTERITY, NOW AND EVER MORE.

Again: will be available on this webpage: endogenous.tech. It’s a lotta work. I’m one man. I could use some help. An editor and somebody expert in audio and video would be grand for starters. And somebody who’s a helluva lot better with money than I am. 

Patreon support is the easiest and fasted means to help me get that first round of help hired. Patreon.com/endogenoustech

All Patreon proceeds go directly to hiring people. All art sales on my Society6.com/endogenoustech shop do, also.

I would also love help putting together a non-profit board and establishing a sufficient operational infrastructure to the infrastructure to get this puppy going. Anyone with experience in these matters willing, please drop a line to grant.victor@endogenous.tech.