To allow that we exist in our heads only infests science and spirituality both with deceptions the head is incapable of thinking its way out of. It’s stuck on three illusions, aside from the Buddhist junky horseshit. 

First, its caught up with the fallacy of the photon as barer of truth. We detect reflections of photons— for that is all photons reveal to us: reflection. Our detection is only always measurement of surface. You don’t get to truth that way, and we know this and so strive to reach the center, where correctly suppose truth resides. 

Yet we miss the plainly obvious: when cut, dig, break, and other destroy in order to exhume truth from its cocoon, you succeed only in exposing more surface area. If you chase photons, you will never arrive at the center of being. All you will ever accomplish is the illumination of surface the shadow you cast in so doing.

Second, escapism into the periscope and the void it mistakenly extolls as heraldic isn’t truth. You’re born into the world. The truth you seek is in the world. This why is suggests itself to you here. 

Third, you don’t exist solely in your head, and your head is the only fucking brain in you body where any endogenous high happens. The Pulmonary and Enteric brains express and experience those expanded consciousness domains and enliven imagination very differently; when the joined together in a holy Voltronic trinity of superconsciousnes, A2’s true potential becomes realized.