When you really get on the ground with A2 and enter into the realm of endogenous technology that it affords, you come to know consciousness as glorious cascade of nesting gems. Each state of consciousness is a gem. Each facet on the gem is a different reality. The view out from the facet leads into the world; the view in leads into the interiority of you. As each facet is a different reality, each accords you different modes of agency in the world. Each gem affords you access to new and expanded dimensions of knowing, understanding, love, compassion, experience, and imagination. The combination of gem and facet constrains but also unveils agency. It is here, in rising up and down your unique chain of consciousness gems, only accessible via full tricognitive Awakening to Awakeing, A2 consciousness, that you discover endogenous technology: which is the ability to change your material state of inner conscious being and so grant you power in that gem, off that facet, that is not available in others. What blessing that we are afforded very different levels of understanding in each gem, and that the Mother has seen fit to bless each of us with unique gem sequences!  And what power!

We constrain our agency to those gem’s understandings— we partition work behaviors from play behaviors, sexual contact from family dining, firearm target practice from swim meets, and so forth. 

And this is where shit gets real interesting: That understanding changes radically when you change gems, and that A2 grants you agency in discovering, changing to, and mastering each in turn. And what this means is the range of your agency changes radically with each gem shift. In succesfully attaining A2, the extraordinary is within reach and the impossible is possible. 

You discover the art and joy of discovering yourself, and when you do, you discover what it is about us— Man and Woman— that truly sets us apart as apes: Our fundamental mutant ability is that we’re state-changing shape-shifters.