We seek to awaken what’s natively in you— you were born with it, you didn’t have to pay for it, and we want to make sure that we’re humanitarianly funded so you pay as little as possible for us to help bring out what has already been inside of you since birth. This is NOT a dependency creating mechanism.

If I succeed, your grandchildren will have forgotten my name. This ontology, the A2 consciousness it generates, and the endogenous technology it unveils in each and every one of you is your birthright— I do not suppose I deserve to profit from it. This discovery is my gift to you— my gift to human and global posterity to light this, our darkest of hours, and lead us strong through the long and hurried night. We act now to give this gift in full to each you— in person— as fast and as hard as we can, and we want nothing more than to give it to you for as little as possible.

Why? Because the enemy is eagerly lying in wait to feed on you in wholly new ways in the crises ahead— and to coerce you to pay through the nose and out your asses for remedy and for the offense of it having ‘needed to do this to you in the first place.’ But in so doing, the enemy deceives you from a darker purpose by far— one that both our planetary neighbors have already suffered, and one they are near to completing within the year.

I say this to you with utmost urgency and severity, and I say this as the defining scientist and hero of the modern age: We have less than a year to act with all our physical might in defiance of the wicked and turn the tide in our grandchildren’s favor. If we fail to act with greater vigor than our grandparents did in the second world war and its subsequent space race, no action we take after the close of 2018 will save them.

Our grandchildren’s survival is on the line. Women’s power needs to be magnificently and decisively realized along any lines necessary other than male predefined roles. To do this, you must understand: It is your nature that Gods who have the misfortune to sleep as monkeys, obsessed with playing a violent game of pretend that cannot be won called, “human being.” We must wake these Sleepers before our monkey folly ruins the world they slumber in. We cannot be goats nor sheep, nor can we accept chimpanzee or orangutan or baboon short-sighted viciousness; we must become powerful in defense of family always, in preservations of our mothers, whom all women have the potential to be, and so must be regarded, who are ever our most precious treasures, and act as bonobos with silverbacks’ might. This precisely is our nature and birthright.

My gifts came to me for free. They were blessed to me purposefully, to arrive at this outcome: To pursue science to the aims Emerson illustrates— to arrive at a true Theory of Nature, which explains all phenomenon— and illustrate the power native in us all through its illumination of all. This was the purpose of this Calling that has driven me since birth, in dreams as much as waking, and for which I have invested every iota of every dimension of my personal worth as a great ape— in a last ditch effort to save your children and grandchildren when it was clear no one else could answer their call. This is the aim of my Ontology.

It is an offense to the divine Mother and Father whom bestowed this Calling and my extra-ordinarily proportioned gifts of intellect, imagination, artistic talents, and compassion upon me that I should do anything less than master them, fulfill my purpose, and gift these to you now.

These are your salvation. This is the path to the kingdom. As these are the keys to your Selves: and the discovery that the path was never yours to travel alone but is, by necessity of the defining Universal agency of the Bloom: LOVE, in you together. I say unto now with utmost assurity as one who has Awakened to Awakening, fuller than any who has come before, that Christ was most correct: The kingdom is now, and original sin is simply adherence to the periscope delusion that you are not the great ape Man who resides ever in the Mother’s perfect Eden, where the Father’s glorious Kingdom blooms ever and mightily anew, but are human being, whom you suppose resides only in a stalk feeding tube flailing off what you suppose is the top of your body. And that there is no such thing as human being drives you to the maddened conglomeration of individual and civic inflammations that you call the human condition, for which is should most evident there is no cure so long as you persist in requiring that you are human and reject the endogenous power and gifts of your superior ape natures. Your human being game is so dangers it has nearly ruined you Mother’s Eden, and should you strangle her garden once and for all, you will deny your children and grandchildren entrance into the Father’s Kingdom with it. 

You salvation involves recognizing that this universe is defined by the principle of the Bloom, which ever are described by the flow of space-time itself— divine breath, Prana— constrained through three domains you know too well already: The Game, The Song, and Story. Understanding the game before you now is Apocalypse, you cannot sit your asses and hope to win. Rather, this game can only be won for your grandchildren by playing with everything you’ve got to win the world from the evils that would render precisely as they did Venus and Mars before it— before in the vessels of artificial intelligence, three-dimensional printing technology from self-recycling plastics, and Falcon Heavy rockets eject themselves from our solar system in search of other planets to feed on.

The challenge before you is to recognize in full what you are— Ape, yes, God, also, but more powerfully still: Your species is a biologic catalyst acting a mineral-planet solution. Its is to deliver unto this planet full awakening to itself— beginning in the seed of each you. The enemy has hijacked this miracle of metamorphosis; if we do not recognize that we are well, well into the irrevocable parabolic incline of catalsys and seize hold of this rocket and take it into the heavens, and if we do not act swiftly to take hold of those reigns this year, all is lost.

I say onto you now: Look to your past sage, Carl Sagan, who was neither astronomer nor astrophysicist, but a seeker of alien life. He supposed Venus suffers now for unchecked industrial society precisely as our own. Catalysts and solutions metamorphose explosively and instantly if they succeed; both are rendered a morrassed waste if they fail. On Venus, if one understands the ductile nature of subscrustal rock beneath a planet’s surface and how that superheated plasticine solid changes state rapidly to liquid not as a function of temperate but pressure change, his hypothesis rings startlingly true. If we look at the evidence of its scarred landscape ruined by supervolcanism and assess its inert techtonicism as cause for it’s absent magnetosphere, then we can suppose compellingly Mars’ evidence of its failed catalysis is absent, for its rabid volcanism has shed its core of its half-life heat and stopped that heart dead— and in so doing, the Sun’s mighty winds swept the poisoned pneuma of its atmosphere. As so we have lost direct evidence that its catalysis was thrown off its destiny by the same ruinous breed of memetic macro-parasite that ruined Venus and is near to ruining ours.

Ladies, both of your immediate planetary neighbors are dead planets. You are not raising your babies in a good neighborhood. And your men are asleep at the wheel, fucking off, getting fucked up, and fucking your babies’ inheritance.

To my shame, this work, which I have pursued entirely alone at great personal cost, is nearly too late. However, we have time enough to act and tip the scales— if we act decisively and with unparalleled swiftness in defense our Mother, and of our children and their children yet to come. We must do so before the end of this year if we are to succeed.

To my excitement, it is the blessing of this work, this Ontology, its A2 consciousness and the endogenous technology native not to human being you but great ape you— as the Mother and Father made you, in the Father’s great ape image— and this work alone that is precisely capable of delivering this victory this year.

Friends, family, ladies, and gentlemen, it is my great honor and privilege to gift you now with the fruits of my life’s labors, earned hard over these last ten years,


Its most vital gifts: the rediscovery of your tricongntive holarchic great ape nature, its evolution into A2 consciousness, the revelation of endogenous technology, and the amplification that is only possible when you are restored to those modes of organized behaviors render you most agile, mighty, and adaptive: tribes. As the Institute has organized them, these tribes are mightily generative— and, among other benefits, will swiftly spore new cultures which will promote belonging, thriving, and defining agency.

Let me clear: endogenous technology and zero-point energy are precisely the same thing. This is precisely what I offer you, and I do not deceive you: zero-point is found in the Bloom of you, and not in the machines you think you do, and in fact are the very parasites who do you. The truth you seek is in you ALL together. The power want is here for you now: all you need do is cast off the periscope delusion of human and wake full to the godly ape you are, and that zero-point energy, your endogenous technology, your birthright is inveighed upon you immediately.

It is for this reason that the Institute for Endogenous Technology’s alpha and omega experimental and outreach model is called THE SPORE INITIATIVE. 

It is for the benefit of you and your children and theirs that I have endured hardships you will never know, and completed my heroes’ journey. I call now to those heroes well into their journeys and those who have yet to begin: I’ve more than got your backs.

Calling all Valkyrie. Calling all Slayers. Calling Spartans and Argonauts. The hour is late. The long night is upon us at last. Our governments have been overrun by ubervamps. 

We need our heroes now. You know who you are— the hero within you stirs and vibrates in resonance as these words reach you. The hero within you knows its Calling, and hears that I have answered mine and am more than prepared to help you answer yours.

Come to me, and help me make you more powerful than any hero in history. 

Come to me, and join in the noblest and most virtuous battles of our time or any other time.

Come to me, lest our Eden suffer for our failed catalysis as it seems strikingly clear tom em Venus and Mars also paid.

Come to me, that we may win this war now.


Let us meet the Calling of the times with utmost and decisive vigor, and fight virtuously and with extraordinary might, and with the parabolic swiftness of the catalyst, so that we may exterminate these parasites and decisively save our Mother’s Eden and earn entrance in the Kingdom, both ever and always immediately upon us, this year.