It isn’t that other animals aren’t imaginative. As necessary emblem of our biocatalytic nature, we have evolved so that our bodies can capacitate our imaginations by accomplishing actual state change— the very business of catalysts in solutions— to both consciousness and external matter. It is by this intersection of imagination and physical material state change that bring the impossible into the render it manifest as real. This isn’t allowable in just one form; in order to accomplish it, we must alter the characters and voices we play. This is the shape shifting of Xan and Jana as opposed to Mystique: the ability to shape shift and state change to the appropriate form, within and without, andso  rise to meet and succeed the challenge of each occasion.

The process of A2 is one of continuous discovery in ourselves of new gems of conscious expression and concurrent agency. We will all share common gems on the A2 ladder of super- and infraconsciousnesses, and we will all have pathways and gems unique solely to us and also to some of us. 

The job of your Institute, then, is to help you find your own ways into the A2 domains we share, and from there provide active support and imaginative, engaged, active feedback in the your journey through those gems exclusive to you or a few. The aim of the SPORE initiative to harness the power of cohorts and healthy competition and scientific measurement and reporting to help you map that terrain and give whatever resources we can to speed you your journey of discovery.

Everyone in your SPORE is involved in making sure you succeed and everyone has an investment in seeing to it that you master as many of your gems as possible. 

We’re in a race against time, and we’re climbing half-dome. We have to share consciousness’s core competancies, and we have to be forging paths of our own in the event those core competancies reach a limit they can’t find a way through, around, or over. Every discovery you make in your journey has the potential to prove massive beneficial down the line. The same is true of every precious tribemate in your SPORE. Our species has a chance of surviving the first half of Apocalypse play if we organize ourselves in SPORES this way.

In the experimental dimensions of my research and development, I’ve greatest success when I’ve structured my experiments and demonstrations as really awesome, imaginative games to be played— where team affinity matters much less than the awesome play, and where conquest of territory isn’t remotely a consequential as discovery itself, and where every time one or some of us charge ahead successfully, it’s both and invitation to follow and a welcome challenge for you to take the baton for the leap ahead.

As a scientist, I adore these game-experiments because, as professional athletics so beautifully illustrate, game-experiments needn’t be single-variable, nor bound the lab. In this way, you can actually work with what really happens in the real world, as opposed to falling victim to Heisenberg’s limitations when confining one’s line of inquiry to a single variable removed from its naturally defining milieu to be tortured in an a harsh antiseptic laboratory. Game structures offer an extraordinary vehicle to measure a host variables in real time in the real world and be able to render them in robust data modeling that is reflective of true being. These can be performed, measured, and reported in real time; and they can be repeated immediately; and we can purposefully strive for different outcomes and learn more about what limits do and do not define us.

And this is to say nothing of how much fun people-based physics becomes when the experiments are games, as opposed to tests. People are themselves at play; when you’re testing them, they stop being themselves because they become rightly concerned that you will misjudge the truth of them based on what they say. Game-based experimentation gets you better data, nearer to the truth, and delivers a lasting practice of endogenous technology; laboratory assessments do nothing of the sort.