The times now are so extra-ordinary their extraordinary dangers require truly extra-ordinary people to effect them. Put simply, no framework in the culture today can answer the apocalypse’s challenges— precisely because the culture’s very living nature generates and sustains the conditions that generate and sustain the apocalypses, and for that reason the culture limits our capacity to act in response.  It do so explicitly by disallowing truth and heroism. 

Indeed, effective response to apocalypse requires that we dismantle culture entirely; no matter how dearly you cherish its token rewards and their distraction of your attention, your diseased culture is utmost impediment to survival precisely because culture roots us to the old paradigm, which the first half of apocalypse play clears away via cascading catastrophe.

I propose the Institute for Endogenous Technology precisely because I see not only the utility of the Ontology, its science, and its discoveries and the profound blessings of their urgent application, but because I see the survival imperative of A2 consciousness. The path of awakening must be no longer be an indulgence of self-abnegation for those too bored with themselves for reason having practiced the business of their characters not a whit to make use of the ample time their privilege, consequence of too ample currency, has freed for them to enjoy. Awakening is not the purvey of those few who succeed in slipping farther and farther in to human fallacy that you are individual first and exist solely in your periscope feeding tube appendage, to the shameful disregard of the entire you you would cast of as less than that your pretty, pretty face. Awakening is a survival imperative, as the rate of calamity our world has entered into, as well as the new kinds of calamity hinting at their vergence now, and the gross amplification of their number, requires that we be wholly alive in every possible way to detect and meet the challenge of each swiftly, ingeniously, virtuously, and in appropriate measure as each arises. 

Fully tricognitive, holarchic Awakening to Awakening— A2 consciousness— is the only vessel that will carry us through the long dark ahead.

As consequence of my work’s development and discoveries, what I make public and as freely as I can afford as I move forward in advancing the Institute is documentation of how I accomplished these Awakenings in myself.

In launching the Institute and offering these teachings to the public, I extend also a mighty challenge: 

That you all take this instruction and produce still more Ontologies, and from these spawn other Institutes. You must know: I reached a point in my science two years earlier where I found myself at a cross-roads: There were, I discovered, three separate mechanisms via which the universe could be understood and powerfully revealed. One man working alone, I could chose to travel only one. I chose this one as it suited my character thus ensured the likelihood of my success; I pledged in making that choice, however, that I would document the entirety of my process and gift it to others who seek accomplish the same.  And I say also: I am positive there more than three paths to such power. 

If we put all our eggs in just my basket, I do not doubt we will not survive the dark of night. 2018 must see us wake and act; it must close with the successful accomplishment of more these Ontologies, commemorated with the births of more Institutes advancing their endogenous technologies. It is only this way, so amply endowed, that we may thrive and survive.

Evolutionarily, our survival only benefits from more Ontologies, from more Institutes, and more approaches and more avenues of discovery. This is A2-conscious expressed at its highest, most virtuous form. 

Yes, I assert I’m a very real superscientist in the archetypal hero pantheon, and I’m setting out to train very real superheroes and form very real superhero teams. They are urgently needed. But here I’m Charles Xavier as opposed to Reed Richards: I do not remotely suppose nor assert that my work and my Institute alone will carry us successfully through every succession in the begun cascade. What I assert—humbly, urgently invite— is that we need a whole lot more of these awesome things if our children are going to survive.

And now, I call to those who have seen me demonstrate my power: share with the world the miracle of my self-mutancy, my telepathy, healing, and ability to manipulate time; the miracle of heraldic song and dance that my awakened ape self inspires within you all. Validate these miracles to your brothers and sisters, that they may know their salvation is upon them.

Unlike Reed Richards, and the well-monied poseur Elon Musk, I refuse to miserly flaunt my gifts without sharing them. My idol is Charles Xavier: I strive ever to awaken you all to the power native in you, as it is your birthright, and as it is truly the keys that gain you entrance to the Kingdom and return to Eden.