Inaction this year ensures our planet’s doom, and our children’s children with it.

Inaction cannot stand if we are to withstand what has already begun. We must scale down from a globalist bloat immediately if we are to succeed; we must render new systems of behavioral organism onto ourselves and we must participate them so that they are ideally scaled from now at least until the morning that follows this long night of terrors. We must retribalize, and we must begin this process immediately.

In my science, I see tribes as having quite literally no downside— especially with benefits of the Enlightenment, which include lessons learned from its errors, readily at hand for each tribe. Tribes now can do more than just shelter people from the uncertain threats lurking just outside the wigwam’s flap. Tribes collectively serve as a actual biologic cultures that render individual tribes as very seeds seeds from which the new, necessarily culture can bloom. We aren’t going to fix our poisoned culture via any other means.

This new culture is based on the propagation of A2 consciousness and endogenous technology. On every level, the blessings of this model of tribalism bloom— into the macro-culture, into the tribes themselves, and into us as individual mothers, fathers, parents, and children. This renders each tribe a potent engine whose grain spores necessary transformation and adaptation at every turn and at every level. 

I want to launch the first round of these SPORES March 1, 2018 in the Bay Area, Humboldt County, and Yucca and Coachella Valleys. I need your help to get there. And to do that, I’m going to help you prepare in advance.