In my finance work, it become clear: Scale matters. Why? Because systems of behavioral organization operate successfully only within ideal scale parameters relative to the active conditions in the milieu. Exceeding those scales promotes distortions to behaviors that undermine the benefits of those systems. We have have lost sight of this truth because our nation religion is bloat— which we disguise as the more palatable and sensible-seeming ‘progress.’ 

There are ideal scales, in terms of population number, dispersal, and applied technologies beyond which governments and economies cannot operate sensibly. Bloat in any domain of any organism impairs, and too often expresses itself as cancerous. What’s more, a population whose number and technology has exceeded the carrying capacities of its systems of behavioral organization simply cannot contend with any disruption to and from the fabric of the milieu in which they are contained. Capitalism, communism, socialism, and democracy have scale thresholds beyond which they are rendered so distorted as to be lethal to our survival.

What’s fascinating in all of this is that tribes transcend this, and, what’s more, reinstitution of tribal structures in any of these systems provides more than ample structural support to account for and correct the deleterious distortions to behavior that occur as consequences of distortions of their scale.

There is no downside to SPORES. They don’t aim to overthrow any governments; indeed, they act specifically in the interest of national security where the aegis of government clearly can no longer protect us. In that, SPORES compliment any civilization they’re injected into. They correct culture. They afford rapid response to crisis. And if a SPORE-focused social network applied across a block-chain network diffused across mobile devices (not housed on privately held servers) is enacted to unite them, almost all of the modern maladies of fake news and net neutrality and uneven exchange and thorny intergroup negotiations are given new currency and new breath.