Sebastian Junger most recently compellingly identifies the ideal human social-civic grouping arrangement as tribes whose constituent population numbers in the mid-forties. I offer a movement of tribal formation where that number is the ideal: formed around 6 to 9 actively parenting couples, with their children, their parents, and their unpartnered adults acting in concert together, I act to unify each of you not merely in tribes, but in dynamic cohorts whose groupings amplify the unique aptitudes and character qualities of the individuals specifically united once awakened to their full endogenous potential in A2. 

Spores are the transformative grain of the project, and the meat and bone of the research initiaitive. We organize you into the most effective cohort tribe we possibly can. Friendship with your sporemates is a low priority; effectiveness, teamwork, discovery, celebration, and belonging: these are your keys to long-game success. We work with you using our theory and tech, and we craft solutions for each Spore group that reflects their core values, the memes they want to see generated in the culture, and the core competencies they share with other Spores. I’m not manufacturing the same Spore in every living room; your spore is a tribe, an organism just as necessarily unique as each of its constituents are. It has different characters, virtues, and needs from other Spores. We all benefit from that actual catalysis of diversity.

Moreover, I have schemas in place to unite these tribes in dynamic cohorts of tribes— SPORE nations, if you will— capable of capacitating and realizing even more fully the gifts expressly and distinctively cultured in each individual tribe. Remarkably, Facebook’s structure, if the needle is moved from the individual to the tribe, applied across mobile devices linked the blockchain, provides us with sufficient information infrastructure to rapidly facility this organization of SPORE nations— and does away with net neutrality issues and solves poor broken Facebook’s problems with, you know, narcissism and peekaboo baby black mirrors.

The importance of retribalization cannot be understated. In a flatland of disconnected individuals lost in the morass of petty periscopehead narcissism maddenly agitated by the stunning reverberation of our peekaboo baby book black mirrors applied against our poor defenseless mirrors and the relentless signalling of endless stings a salaciously hashtaged scandals they propagate, we are guaranteed to miss entirely the calamities that propagate and surround us with stunning swiftness and finality. This is already happening. As a species, we are not as nimble nor as capable of long game play in isolation as individual human beings nor in the flatland of globalism. Moreover, singly our strength is a whisper of what our strength can be together— when potently organised, which it should be plain egalitarian globalism acts explicitly against. 

Tribes allow us that nimbleness, and tribes allow us precisely the dimensionality and leanness necessary to maximize the amplification of those strengths and execute their application with stunning effectiveness.

Spores operate on all cycles and domains that describe blooms. These propagate their benefits on every level— including serving as anchor points to catch civilizations and communities when the government and economy falls,  and including growing new cultures— and ultimately steering us into forming newer, more vital macro-organisms— hopefully capable of making better life choices in partnering with the planet than Human.