My discoveries of A2 consciousness and its concurrent endogenous technologies thus far have enormous and very clearly actionable implications. Yes, innate in each of us very truly is a unique journey through consciousness that renders what amounts to very physical superpowers unique to our individual characters. This is true. But what I am absolutely certain of: Properly arranged in cohort groups capitalizing on our innate genetic tendencies, those powers can be grossly and significantly amplified. 

Enter: The Spore Initiative.

Despite my strong aversion to the Clinton dynasty, I give credit where credit is due: HRC was absolutely correct in asserting: It takes a village. Our survival urgently requires retribalization. Thing I learned in 45,000 mile journey from the election through today? You’re all saying that, too.

One of the core themes uniting Americans rendered consistent and strikingly apparent through all of my travels these last 14 months: We sense that the most sensible course of action before us now is that human civilization must balk from the flatland disarray that renders globalism precariously dangerous, and must urgently reorganize into tribal structures. When these yearnings have been sheepishly offered, my subjects haven’t been able to articulate a pathway; this pathway seems shamefully Luddite coming from the culture of marvels bestowed upon us by the sciences of the Fabrication Age, the current inheritor to the Industrial Age now past.

Make no mistake: If we do nothing at all, haphazard retribalization is the course we will driven to as the unrecoverable succession of calamities already underway will render larger national structures’ already pointless plague of inefficacies not merely a moral offense but acute impediment to our individual and communal survival. But if driven by circumstance alone, hounded by calamity, into these tribal structures, we are guaranteed of a primative Ludditism whose advantage applied against the odds growing before us is grossly constricted relative to the alternative I offer you now.

Follow me into SPORES, and your grandkids won’t breathe their last as this Earth follows Venus and Mars in to their fires. Do not, and guarantee them precisely that hell.