Ladies, Gentlemen, Mothers and Fathers, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, Brothers and Sisters: for the benefit of our sons and daughters now and yet to come, I humbly offer you now: Your Institute for Endogenous Technology.

The sooner we fund, the sooner I train. I am just one person. The scramble to bring just the body of work you see before you now on Endogenous.tech the last year has exceeded my abilities, emptied my pockets, broken my body and nearly my spirit. There is vastly more work to be shared with you, and neither you nor I have the luxury of another 14 months for me to come to this point of a second delivery by myself. I need help. I cannot do this alone. Your children urgently deserve that I get this help— so that I can bring it to you, and so that we can save and empower them before the true horrors of this apocalypse are inveighed upon us.

The sooner I train research partners, the sooner we get into the field. The sooner we get into the field, the sooner get you into your SPORE, get you into A2, and you trained. The sooner we can do that, the greater opportunity we all have to train still more of each other— and the more of us who are rendered Players, rendered pimps, who are no longer pawns, the greater our grandchildren’s chances for survival.