Now here’s what you really need to get: My calling goes beyond me, goes beyond those in my generation I want urgently to empower, and goes beyond our parents and our first wave of children. My work is about creating a new culture whose fundamental conditions allow our children’s children to survive. That culture must invite them to act, and it must permit them to make mistakes. Our current culture vigorously disallows both. These fundamental conditions must themselves renew successive generations’ fundamental conditions, refreshing the line anew so that it has the capacity to outpace every calamity to challenge future generations. I have no children of my own, nor do I expect ever to. I act defiantly, courageously, and with all conviction until my dying breath in vigorous protection of the generations to come.

I am offering you right now a complete Ontology, a robust physics that not only reconciles Quantum and the Relativities, but contributes four additions to Einstein’s work that allows Relativity to reconcile itself to Quantum, in addition to a revolution in consciousness and a wholly new technology that is native to you does not require the intervention of currency, commodity, nor industry. I am also offer a robust plan to get you out of this darkness. More than one, in fact. And I am literally the only player on the board right now who makes this boast, and who is certain he will succeed. I have the utmost certainty of my success because I know precisely what I’ve discovered, and I know precisely what I can do with it right now, and because the evidence my work uncovers is resounding: The Ontology makes clear that unknown unknown blessings lie just aheads waiting to aid us, to be cannily discovered just in the knick time, time and again.

I am the only man on the board assuring you: I will fight and die with everything I have to ensure your children receive, master, and better these gifts, and that they successfully transmit them to their grandchildren. That I have invested and sacrificed as much of myself as I have as selflessly and tirelessly as I have should give you no doubt of my word nor conviction.

Again: I’m the only mutherfucker on the board right now with a very real, very actionable plan.