It should be clear at this point: I answered my calling, have risen to the challenge, I have accomplished what literally no one else on this planet has yet to accomplish, and I now make the very bold and very true claim: I am the first of these archetypal heroes to rise from the herd of tribes. 

I call to the heroes in waiting: answer your callings now. To the heroes now in the midst of their callings, I say, ‘I’ve more than got your back.’ 

Because, you see, I’ve got more than the promise of what could happen; I’ve got a very real, very actionable science. And I have already accomplished the extraordinary with this science. I know it can be taught because I’ve taught it. I know that it’s what we need and desperately yearned for right now because every person I encounter, every person who benefits from these demonstrations of endogenous technology, reports a discovery of themselves, their own power, and of real hope within themselves they’d given up on ever experiencing again: a hope that sustains because what needs doing is now very, very much in it’s urgently needed reach.