It isn’t that you survive. It’s that you have a fighting chance, and you have a fighting chance because you become a competitor with the terror itself. It isn’t that you’re trying to outpace an unstoppable terror; A2 comes with very real, very actionable power, very physical power, and it’s with that power that you realize there’s more than a good goddamned chance that if enough of you dial in the right tapestry of A2 gem states across enough pimps and Players, you’re gonna kick this thing’s ass.

Lets inventory pawns, pimps, and Players for clarity:

•  Scooby: Shaggy::Pimp:Pawn

•  Aragorn:Gandolf::Player:Pimp

•  Hicks:Ripley::Pawn:Pimp

•  Spartan:Valkyie:Player:Pimp


Not coincidentally: These are precisely the roles I’m recruiting players for.

So who’s game?