We seek to awaken what’s natively in you— you were born with it, you didn’t have to pay for it, and we want to make sure that we’re humanitarianly funded so you pay as little as possible for us to help bring out what has already been inside of you since birth. This is NOT a dependency creating mechanism.

If I succeed, your grandchildren will have forgotten my name. This ontology, the A2 consciousness it generates, and the endogenous technology it unveils in each and every one of you is your birthright— I do not suppose I deserve to profit from it. This discovery is my gift to you— my gift to human and global posterity to light this, our darkest of hours, and lead us strong through the long and hurried night. We act now to give this gift in full to each you— in person— as fast and as hard as we can, and we want nothing more than to give it to you for as little as possible.

Why? Because the enemy is eagerly lying in wait to feed on you in wholly new ways in the crises ahead— and to coerce you to pay through the nose and out your asses for remedy and for the offense of it having ‘needed to do this to you in the first place.’ But in so doing, the enemy deceives you from a darker purpose by far— one that both our planetary neighbors have already suffered, and one they are near to completing within the year.

I say this to you with utmost urgency and severity, and I say this as the defining scientist and hero of the modern age: We have less than a year to act with all our physical might in defiance of the wicked and turn the tide in our grandchildren’s favor. If we fail to act with greater vigor than our grandparents did in the second world war and its subsequent space race, no action we take after the close of 2018 will save them.

Our grandchildren’s survival is on the line. Women’s power needs to be magnificently and decisively realized along any lines necessary other than male predefined roles. To do this, you must understand: It is your nature that Gods who have the misfortune to sleep as monkeys, obsessed with playing a violent game of pretend that cannot be won called, “human being.” We must wake these Sleepers before our monkey folly ruins the world they slumber in. We cannot be goats nor sheep, nor can we accept chimpanzee or orangutan or baboon short-sighted viciousness; we must become powerful in defense of family always, in preservations of our mothers, whom all women have the potential to be, and so must be regarded, who are ever our most precious treasures, and act as bonobos with silverbacks’ might. This precisely is our nature and birthright.

My gifts came to me for free. They were blessed to me purposefully, to arrive at this outcome: To pursue science to the aims Emerson illustrates— to arrive at a true Theory of Nature, which explains all phenomenon— and illustrate the power native in us all through its illumination of all. This was the purpose of this Calling that has driven me since birth, in dreams as much as waking, and for which I have invested every iota of every dimension of my personal worth as a great ape— in a last ditch effort to save your children and grandchildren when it was clear no one else could answer their call. This is the aim of my Ontology.

It is an offense to the divine Mother and Father whom bestowed this Calling and my extra-ordinarily proportioned gifts of intellect, imagination, artistic talents, and compassion upon me that I should do anything less than master them, fulfill my purpose, and gift these to you now.

These are your salvation. This is the path to the kingdom. As these are the keys to your Selves: and the discovery that the path was never yours to travel alone but is, by necessity of the defining Universal agency of the Bloom: LOVE, in you together. I say unto now with utmost assurity as one who has Awakened to Awakening, fuller than any who has come before, that Christ was most correct: The kingdom is now, and original sin is simply adherence to the periscope delusion that you are not the great ape Man who resides ever in the Mother’s perfect Eden, where the Father’s glorious Kingdom blooms ever and mightily anew, but are human being, whom you suppose resides only in a stalk feeding tube flailing off what you suppose is the top of your body. And that there is no such thing as human being drives you to the maddened conglomeration of individual and civic inflammations that you call the human condition, for which is should most evident there is no cure so long as you persist in requiring that you are human and reject the endogenous power and gifts of your superior ape natures. Your human being game is so dangers it has nearly ruined you Mother’s Eden, and should you strangle her garden once and for all, you will deny your children and grandchildren entrance into the Father’s Kingdom with it. 

You salvation involves recognizing that this universe is defined by the principle of the Bloom, which ever are described by the flow of space-time itself— divine breath, Prana— constrained through three domains you know too well already: The Game, The Song, and Story. Understanding the game before you now is Apocalypse, you cannot sit your asses and hope to win. Rather, this game can only be won for your grandchildren by playing with everything you’ve got to win the world from the evils that would render precisely as they did Venus and Mars before it— before in the vessels of artificial intelligence, three-dimensional printing technology from self-recycling plastics, and Falcon Heavy rockets eject themselves from our solar system in search of other planets to feed on.

The challenge before you is to recognize in full what you are— Ape, yes, God, also, but more powerfully still: Your species is a biologic catalyst acting a mineral-planet solution. Its is to deliver unto this planet full awakening to itself— beginning in the seed of each you. The enemy has hijacked this miracle of metamorphosis; if we do not recognize that we are well, well into the irrevocable parabolic incline of catalsys and seize hold of this rocket and take it into the heavens, and if we do not act swiftly to take hold of those reigns this year, all is lost.

I say onto you now: Look to your past sage, Carl Sagan, who was neither astronomer nor astrophysicist, but a seeker of alien life. He supposed Venus suffers now for unchecked industrial society precisely as our own. Catalysts and solutions metamorphose explosively and instantly if they succeed; both are rendered a morrassed waste if they fail. On Venus, if one understands the ductile nature of subscrustal rock beneath a planet’s surface and how that superheated plasticine solid changes state rapidly to liquid not as a function of temperate but pressure change, his hypothesis rings startlingly true. If we look at the evidence of its scarred landscape ruined by supervolcanism and assess its inert techtonicism as cause for it’s absent magnetosphere, then we can suppose compellingly Mars’ evidence of its failed catalysis is absent, for its rabid volcanism has shed its core of its half-life heat and stopped that heart dead— and in so doing, the Sun’s mighty winds swept the poisoned pneuma of its atmosphere. As so we have lost direct evidence that its catalysis was thrown off its destiny by the same ruinous breed of memetic macro-parasite that ruined Venus and is near to ruining ours.

Ladies, both of your immediate planetary neighbors are dead planets. You are not raising your babies in a good neighborhood. And your men are asleep at the wheel, fucking off, getting fucked up, and fucking your babies’ inheritance.

To my shame, this work, which I have pursued entirely alone at great personal cost, is nearly too late. However, we have time enough to act and tip the scales— if we act decisively and with unparalleled swiftness in defense our Mother, and of our children and their children yet to come. We must do so before the end of this year if we are to succeed.

To my excitement, it is the blessing of this work, this Ontology, its A2 consciousness and the endogenous technology native not to human being you but great ape you— as the Mother and Father made you, in the Father’s great ape image— and this work alone that is precisely capable of delivering this victory this year.

Friends, family, ladies, and gentlemen, it is my great honor and privilege to gift you now with the fruits of my life’s labors, earned hard over these last ten years,


Its most vital gifts: the rediscovery of your tricongntive holarchic great ape nature, its evolution into A2 consciousness, the revelation of endogenous technology, and the amplification that is only possible when you are restored to those modes of organized behaviors render you most agile, mighty, and adaptive: tribes. As the Institute has organized them, these tribes are mightily generative— and, among other benefits, will swiftly spore new cultures which will promote belonging, thriving, and defining agency.

Let me clear: endogenous technology and zero-point energy are precisely the same thing. This is precisely what I offer you, and I do not deceive you: zero-point is found in the Bloom of you, and not in the machines you think you do, and in fact are the very parasites who do you. The truth you seek is in you ALL together. The power want is here for you now: all you need do is cast off the periscope delusion of human and wake full to the godly ape you are, and that zero-point energy, your endogenous technology, your birthright is inveighed upon you immediately.

It is for this reason that the Institute for Endogenous Technology’s alpha and omega experimental and outreach model is called THE SPORE INITIATIVE. 

It is for the benefit of you and your children and theirs that I have endured hardships you will never know, and completed my heroes’ journey. I call now to those heroes well into their journeys and those who have yet to begin: I’ve more than got your backs.

Calling all Valkyrie. Calling all Slayers. Calling Spartans and Argonauts. The hour is late. The long night is upon us at last. Our governments have been overrun by ubervamps. 

We need our heroes now. You know who you are— the hero within you stirs and vibrates in resonance as these words reach you. The hero within you knows its Calling, and hears that I have answered mine and am more than prepared to help you answer yours.

Come to me, and help me make you more powerful than any hero in history. 

Come to me, and join in the noblest and most virtuous battles of our time or any other time.

Come to me, lest our Eden suffer for our failed catalysis as it seems strikingly clear tom em Venus and Mars also paid.

Come to me, that we may win this war now.


Let us meet the Calling of the times with utmost and decisive vigor, and fight virtuously and with extraordinary might, and with the parabolic swiftness of the catalyst, so that we may exterminate these parasites and decisively save our Mother’s Eden and earn entrance in the Kingdom, both ever and always immediately upon us, this year.



The times now are so extra-ordinary their extraordinary dangers require truly extra-ordinary people to effect them. Put simply, no framework in the culture today can answer the apocalypse’s challenges— precisely because the culture’s very living nature generates and sustains the conditions that generate and sustain the apocalypses, and for that reason the culture limits our capacity to act in response.  It do so explicitly by disallowing truth and heroism. 

Indeed, effective response to apocalypse requires that we dismantle culture entirely; no matter how dearly you cherish its token rewards and their distraction of your attention, your diseased culture is utmost impediment to survival precisely because culture roots us to the old paradigm, which the first half of apocalypse play clears away via cascading catastrophe.

I propose the Institute for Endogenous Technology precisely because I see not only the utility of the Ontology, its science, and its discoveries and the profound blessings of their urgent application, but because I see the survival imperative of A2 consciousness. The path of awakening must be no longer be an indulgence of self-abnegation for those too bored with themselves for reason having practiced the business of their characters not a whit to make use of the ample time their privilege, consequence of too ample currency, has freed for them to enjoy. Awakening is not the purvey of those few who succeed in slipping farther and farther in to human fallacy that you are individual first and exist solely in your periscope feeding tube appendage, to the shameful disregard of the entire you you would cast of as less than that your pretty, pretty face. Awakening is a survival imperative, as the rate of calamity our world has entered into, as well as the new kinds of calamity hinting at their vergence now, and the gross amplification of their number, requires that we be wholly alive in every possible way to detect and meet the challenge of each swiftly, ingeniously, virtuously, and in appropriate measure as each arises. 

Fully tricognitive, holarchic Awakening to Awakening— A2 consciousness— is the only vessel that will carry us through the long dark ahead.

As consequence of my work’s development and discoveries, what I make public and as freely as I can afford as I move forward in advancing the Institute is documentation of how I accomplished these Awakenings in myself.

In launching the Institute and offering these teachings to the public, I extend also a mighty challenge: 

That you all take this instruction and produce still more Ontologies, and from these spawn other Institutes. You must know: I reached a point in my science two years earlier where I found myself at a cross-roads: There were, I discovered, three separate mechanisms via which the universe could be understood and powerfully revealed. One man working alone, I could chose to travel only one. I chose this one as it suited my character thus ensured the likelihood of my success; I pledged in making that choice, however, that I would document the entirety of my process and gift it to others who seek accomplish the same.  And I say also: I am positive there more than three paths to such power. 

If we put all our eggs in just my basket, I do not doubt we will not survive the dark of night. 2018 must see us wake and act; it must close with the successful accomplishment of more these Ontologies, commemorated with the births of more Institutes advancing their endogenous technologies. It is only this way, so amply endowed, that we may thrive and survive.

Evolutionarily, our survival only benefits from more Ontologies, from more Institutes, and more approaches and more avenues of discovery. This is A2-conscious expressed at its highest, most virtuous form. 

Yes, I assert I’m a very real superscientist in the archetypal hero pantheon, and I’m setting out to train very real superheroes and form very real superhero teams. They are urgently needed. But here I’m Charles Xavier as opposed to Reed Richards: I do not remotely suppose nor assert that my work and my Institute alone will carry us successfully through every succession in the begun cascade. What I assert—humbly, urgently invite— is that we need a whole lot more of these awesome things if our children are going to survive.

And now, I call to those who have seen me demonstrate my power: share with the world the miracle of my self-mutancy, my telepathy, healing, and ability to manipulate time; the miracle of heraldic song and dance that my awakened ape self inspires within you all. Validate these miracles to your brothers and sisters, that they may know their salvation is upon them.

Unlike Reed Richards, and the well-monied poseur Elon Musk, I refuse to miserly flaunt my gifts without sharing them. My idol is Charles Xavier: I strive ever to awaken you all to the power native in you, as it is your birthright, and as it is truly the keys that gain you entrance to the Kingdom and return to Eden.



Now I’m gonna come to the shit part about A2: It isn’t easy and it only gets harder. A2 is not a spectator sport, but neither is apocalypse. To succeed with both, you must have skin in the game, and you must get over that you will get hurt. And it fucking hurts. A lot. But here’s the thing: In A2, you come to revere Nature, and so come to revere anguish and suffering: for it is only in turning into and in-to these, delving in the very heat of what haunts you, becoming it entirely from the inside out, and discovering the obvious— that this was always you— that discover true awakening and master your form through that such that your awaken to your native power.

In A2, you attach yourself to emotions differently: You become a scientist with yourself, and when you do, you discover that play and games are more rewarding and offer you greater revelation, faculty, and agency than work and burden, and any cheap epiphany cast off by Oprah or Doctor Oz or some other dime self-help whore of Babylon. 

A2 is hard as hell, and its exhausting. It is a miserable affair to bare alone. 

But it’s fucking fun as hell, and the rewards are staggering. For as you travel the world Awakened to Awakening, you cast eddies in the world you didn’t before, and in those ripples true miracles happen and bless those around you— without you having to do anything at all. This, friends, is consequence of one of the discoveries A2 will reveal to you: that you are done vastly more than you ever think you do. It in this flow of being done that, by harmonizing ourselves to it through A2, we master our catalysis in full, erupt into co-cognition with each other and the planet, and so awaken the Gaian mind at last.

There can be no greater reward, and the cost is nothing in comparison to the cost of our losses if we do not act at all.

Elon Musk consistently posts astonishingly abysmal and embarrassing quarterly losses that each in turn could the feed the world’s poor well for a century. 

Here make a bet: That I accomplish vastly more world changing good one quarter’s losses from Musk’s self-congratulatory masturbatory adventures than Musk can himself. My wager? Give me a billion, and the benefit I promise to give humanity will multiply that investment billion-fold. 

Understand: I will draw salary enough to see to it that my and Max’s modest needs are met; the rest of the Institute’s funds go to hiring as many talented, powerful heroes as possible and to get us all to you to the job done as swiftly as possible.

The is not to be an indefinite engagement. When our work is done, we are done. Period.

I make you this pledge now: gift the Institute with just a billion dollars and I win you the world within the year— without burning a single rocket, let alone pissing away billions of investor dollars quarter after quarter in self-congratulation at the myth of my genius I’ve persuaded the world to accept of stammering meathead me.

Truth be told, I do everything in my power to stretch a million to accomplish the same. Money isn’t my goal; saving your children is. I’m gonna do whatever I can to attain that. I already have. And it’s cost me everything. And I’m going to keep doing it.

Elon: I’ve got your number and I’m calling you out, boy. 




For some, the allure of awakening is the Buddha’s promise of Nirvana and its juvenile expectation and periscope superfallacy that the stone-cold high you get from perfectly pretending to be dead in your head is bliss sufficient to cure you of suffering. From this, the Buddha instructs us to suppose we may disengage from direct contact with Being, and from this detachment from precious life itself he assures that we may accord ourselves false the accomplishment of compassion and award ourselves highest moral authority. In truth, the Buddha and his sycophants know nothing of compassion at all, for compassion requires that your skin is physically in others’ games, and anything short of that is pity, which is odious in its sloth and contempt. The moralism that he suppose you should earn accomplish this narcosis of idiot, self-hating self-abnegation he calls Nirvana is a platform for a piety and vanity as ugly as any Evangelical Insurance Policy Christian you fled to the Buddha’s sanghas to escape.

What an embarrassment— that you should fall for such a con, for such an obvious delusion.

A2 begins with the advent of nirvana for some, yes. It certainly did with me. But I was daft as to supposed when I hit Nirvana that it was the destination and that I need move no further. I arrived via different means than he prescribed as ‘the only way’— and in so doing, evidenced for myself both the plainness of Siddartha’s mistake in presuming he had deleted his ego and the obvious truth that the bliss was narcotic and there was much, much more to be discovered beyond it.

To enter into A2, you must cast off the supposed necessity of curing suffering. In suffering there is nothing to cure: It is your greatest teacher, and it illuminates plainly the dimensions of your physical being thus of your power. For when you turn away from suffering, like a petty spoiled child, you succeed only in rejecting yourself, and falling before the might of your apathy. Almost all suffering, if turned into/in-to, is gateway to power.

Consider: Climate change is accomplished only through the motions of your physical bodies, and via no other means. You engage in these quite mindlessly, and without much investment of your physical power at all. Indeed, you disallow that you do anything of the kind all, and then excuse yourselves from consequence supposing yourselves helpless before the culturally defined motions of your heard. Your heart, you suppose, exonerates you from this sin of abdication of your physical might— and thus releases you from the odious ownership of its consequence, which is the rape and deletion of your Mother’s Eden. You are asleep at the wheel, investing a bare 10% of your barely developed physical strength, and by this somnambulate might alone, you have accidentally transformed your world. Do not turn away from this, do not be so spoiled and cowardly a child as to hide from this consequence for reason of shame. What’s done is done: accept the greater message beneath the apparent sin of your abdication of agency. 

That you have accomplished the near destruction of your world mindlessly with your bodies is plain signal to you: that you are most mighty! Awaken fully to what you are! Awaken to the full of you, claim the might that is your birthright from the enemy who has duped you with tokens and drugs and pornography and scandal to using that might only partially against yourselves, your Mother, and your grandchildren. Awaken, claim the might that is your birth right, your endogenous technology, your zero-point energy, and turn this needlessly self-damning tide with just another twenty percent of your physical might intentionally applied to the matter of winning your world from the enemy, for your grandchildren.

Yeah, you’re not in bliss in A2. Get over it. You don’t need to be high to save the world. 

The bliss is narcosis, dude— I’ve so vastly further than Nirvana, and I tell you: the bliss is nothing— it is a poisonous distraction. If nirvana is so attainable and so purifying, what Buddhism, after 1,200 years, plainly failed to deliver us all away from this course of wickedness? Where are all the damned bodhisattvas were were promised?  How can it be that this clergy, supposing itself not-religious and truly scientific, as failed to keep data, measure the efficacy of it’s methods, and keep track of what was promised to us— a growing of bodhisattvas who ratio to the global population increases explosively over time?

And how have we all missed that this great sage, Guatama Siddhartha, your Buddha, spent most his life a prince so wealthy and spoiled he was bored with sex, Soma, opium, and a host of depravities? How have we missed that he was a junkie? How have we missed that his clinging to the ultimate endogenous high— nirvana— anything other than a junkie’s answer to the matter of truth? And how have we missed that the practices he bequeathed us are precisely those a junkie would advise us to: You’re doing it wrong if you aren’t getting it right like I did?

How have we fallen for such obviously odious bullshit?



Buddhism falls for the basic illusion of human being, which is that we live only in our cephalic brains— the eight pound lumps of fat sitting over our feeding tubes in the periscope appendage flanging off the bottom of our torsos. 

Yes, bottom. What you suppose is up in fact points into the void, and what you suppose is love— the sun, light— and truth— the void— are, if you pay to attention to particle physics and animal behaviors, nothing of the kind. In physics and nature both, matter declares itself to plainly interested in joining with other matter. Indeed, existence itself is relational— we know this in quantum and in relativity. Absent relationships, a thing cannot be said to exist— period. So it is a fundamental tenet of being: Embrace is all, and All is embrace. This fundamentally means: love and gravity are precisely the same thing, which is why we hug and hold one another to physically experience love and be vitalized by it, rather the fuck each other off into the nebulous ether, and it is also precisely when we fall in love with another, we fall more deeply into them, and not away.

What’s more, your cephalic brain in your periscope head which you so delude yourselves into thinking is your only brain is not only the third to form in the womb, it the absolute last to finish developing— for males, 25 years after birth. No other animal indulges such an absurdly long whelping period.

The first brain is also the largest, and it occupies the whole center of you. This phenomenon named science is precisely where you began, where you bloomed from your mother. Your navel, where mother and father crossed through each others’ mirrors and sparked the zygotic devision that began the began bloom that blooms you even today, marks the center of this knowing center, which science recognizes today as your Enteric Brain. This brain is composed of 1.5 as many neurons as your enteric cephaloneurology— which in your periscope narcissism you require is “the most complex thing in the Universe”— and it doesn’t stop there. By cell count, everything in your enteric brain vastly outnumbers everything else that is you. Most of that? Flora.

This work will introduce you in depth to the miracle of this enteric brain, and it will unveil to you the angelic power of your pulmonary brain. For now, understand: That enteric brain is nearest to the ground, and you are held to that ground by gravity’s embrace, by the physical might of your Mother’s love. 

Ladies, recognize: what you think is down is in fact up. What we mistake for love is nothing of the kind; what we have no regard for— our earth— is in fact the highest truth that matters the most.

Why are we crazy? Could it be that you’ve allowed that the whole of yourself can exist only in the periscope flailing off your head, whirling dizzily through the chaos of unmeaningable chaos of the void?



To allow that we exist in our heads only infests science and spirituality both with deceptions the head is incapable of thinking its way out of. It’s stuck on three illusions, aside from the Buddhist junky horseshit. 

First, its caught up with the fallacy of the photon as barer of truth. We detect reflections of photons— for that is all photons reveal to us: reflection. Our detection is only always measurement of surface. You don’t get to truth that way, and we know this and so strive to reach the center, where correctly suppose truth resides. 

Yet we miss the plainly obvious: when cut, dig, break, and other destroy in order to exhume truth from its cocoon, you succeed only in exposing more surface area. If you chase photons, you will never arrive at the center of being. All you will ever accomplish is the illumination of surface the shadow you cast in so doing.

Second, escapism into the periscope and the void it mistakenly extolls as heraldic isn’t truth. You’re born into the world. The truth you seek is in the world. This why is suggests itself to you here. 

Third, you don’t exist solely in your head, and your head is the only fucking brain in you body where any endogenous high happens. The Pulmonary and Enteric brains express and experience those expanded consciousness domains and enliven imagination very differently; when the joined together in a holy Voltronic trinity of superconsciousnes, A2’s true potential becomes realized.



When you really get on the ground with A2 and enter into the realm of endogenous technology that it affords, you come to know consciousness as glorious cascade of nesting gems. Each state of consciousness is a gem. Each facet on the gem is a different reality. The view out from the facet leads into the world; the view in leads into the interiority of you. As each facet is a different reality, each accords you different modes of agency in the world. Each gem affords you access to new and expanded dimensions of knowing, understanding, love, compassion, experience, and imagination. The combination of gem and facet constrains but also unveils agency. It is here, in rising up and down your unique chain of consciousness gems, only accessible via full tricognitive Awakening to Awakeing, A2 consciousness, that you discover endogenous technology: which is the ability to change your material state of inner conscious being and so grant you power in that gem, off that facet, that is not available in others. What blessing that we are afforded very different levels of understanding in each gem, and that the Mother has seen fit to bless each of us with unique gem sequences!  And what power!

We constrain our agency to those gem’s understandings— we partition work behaviors from play behaviors, sexual contact from family dining, firearm target practice from swim meets, and so forth. 

And this is where shit gets real interesting: That understanding changes radically when you change gems, and that A2 grants you agency in discovering, changing to, and mastering each in turn. And what this means is the range of your agency changes radically with each gem shift. In succesfully attaining A2, the extraordinary is within reach and the impossible is possible. 

You discover the art and joy of discovering yourself, and when you do, you discover what it is about us— Man and Woman— that truly sets us apart as apes: Our fundamental mutant ability is that we’re state-changing shape-shifters. 



It isn’t that other animals aren’t imaginative. As necessary emblem of our biocatalytic nature, we have evolved so that our bodies can capacitate our imaginations by accomplishing actual state change— the very business of catalysts in solutions— to both consciousness and external matter. It is by this intersection of imagination and physical material state change that bring the impossible into the render it manifest as real. This isn’t allowable in just one form; in order to accomplish it, we must alter the characters and voices we play. This is the shape shifting of Xan and Jana as opposed to Mystique: the ability to shape shift and state change to the appropriate form, within and without, andso  rise to meet and succeed the challenge of each occasion.

The process of A2 is one of continuous discovery in ourselves of new gems of conscious expression and concurrent agency. We will all share common gems on the A2 ladder of super- and infraconsciousnesses, and we will all have pathways and gems unique solely to us and also to some of us. 

The job of your Institute, then, is to help you find your own ways into the A2 domains we share, and from there provide active support and imaginative, engaged, active feedback in the your journey through those gems exclusive to you or a few. The aim of the SPORE initiative to harness the power of cohorts and healthy competition and scientific measurement and reporting to help you map that terrain and give whatever resources we can to speed you your journey of discovery.

Everyone in your SPORE is involved in making sure you succeed and everyone has an investment in seeing to it that you master as many of your gems as possible. 

We’re in a race against time, and we’re climbing half-dome. We have to share consciousness’s core competancies, and we have to be forging paths of our own in the event those core competancies reach a limit they can’t find a way through, around, or over. Every discovery you make in your journey has the potential to prove massive beneficial down the line. The same is true of every precious tribemate in your SPORE. Our species has a chance of surviving the first half of Apocalypse play if we organize ourselves in SPORES this way.

In the experimental dimensions of my research and development, I’ve greatest success when I’ve structured my experiments and demonstrations as really awesome, imaginative games to be played— where team affinity matters much less than the awesome play, and where conquest of territory isn’t remotely a consequential as discovery itself, and where every time one or some of us charge ahead successfully, it’s both and invitation to follow and a welcome challenge for you to take the baton for the leap ahead.

As a scientist, I adore these game-experiments because, as professional athletics so beautifully illustrate, game-experiments needn’t be single-variable, nor bound the lab. In this way, you can actually work with what really happens in the real world, as opposed to falling victim to Heisenberg’s limitations when confining one’s line of inquiry to a single variable removed from its naturally defining milieu to be tortured in an a harsh antiseptic laboratory. Game structures offer an extraordinary vehicle to measure a host variables in real time in the real world and be able to render them in robust data modeling that is reflective of true being. These can be performed, measured, and reported in real time; and they can be repeated immediately; and we can purposefully strive for different outcomes and learn more about what limits do and do not define us.

And this is to say nothing of how much fun people-based physics becomes when the experiments are games, as opposed to tests. People are themselves at play; when you’re testing them, they stop being themselves because they become rightly concerned that you will misjudge the truth of them based on what they say. Game-based experimentation gets you better data, nearer to the truth, and delivers a lasting practice of endogenous technology; laboratory assessments do nothing of the sort.


In a very real way, the game most of us has been playing since the advent of surplus agriculture and the kings and the invention of money and everything that followed is, very plainly, Follow the Leader. This manifests, also, as following the bouncing ball and the classic con, the shell game. 


What you should all be waking up to right now is the game we need to be playing, the game we’re all going to start playing weather we like it or not in the very immediate future— and for Americans I mean this 2018 summer— is Run for Your Lives. 

If you’re playing Running for Your Life as you would na horror movie— running scared and trying to stay ahead of the terror— that masked fucker is going to cut you down before the third reel, in the utmost climax of your orgasmic horror. A perfect ending to a life of dutifully suffered protestant mediocrity. It isn’t for me.

Why am I different? Because I get that you can’t win Run for Your Life if you’re in a horror movie— only one person gets out of a horror movie alive. I’m pretty sure that if you aren’t having the time of your life playing Run for Your Life, you’re guaranteed to lose your life. 

This is the fundamental difference between a pawn and Player. A pawn isn’t alive to his life on the board; a Player is, and when she’s awake to the narrative in play and to the contours of the board, and perhaps even has a host of endogenous cheat codes to her advantage, a Player  does more than run. She has fun hacking the narrative itself, and as Kirk shows us in his Kobyashi Maru victory, this orthogonal approach to Run for Your Lives the only way to win the race. 

That’s what makes A2 so fucking awesome— the ability to effect those hacks becomes very real— and that’s what makes A2 in apocalypse play so exciting: the fucking impossible is now totally fucking possible, and the win is now in your grasp.



With your Institute for Endogenous Technology, ladies and gentleman, I very literally am doing for you exactly Willow did for Buffy at the end of Season 7: give Buffy’s power to every woman on the planet that had the capacity to waken to it fully. 

As I make myself more powerful by the day, I am going to give this to as many of you as can capacitate it; and I will teach you so well that you will able to do the same. By this process, we will SPORE awakening to awakening, endogenous technology, and zero-point energy the world over. Indeed, this is only mechanism we can take hold of and master our catalytic nature. That is why this is precisely is what is called for now. 

I have answered this call. I’ve proved it can be done. Because I’m damn sure about what else can be done with this— which is vastly more than I’ve discovered and accomplished in just the last eighteen months. 

And because I love playing this game so endowed with A2 so much, I think Run for Your Lives would be a whole lot more fun with friends who could play it with me. I’d enjoy it a whole lot more if more of us the finish line with me. I’d like to have a big fucking celebration when we all get the other side, you know? Pawns race for the pointless tribal orgy that begins the journey in Matrix: Reloaded. I’m pretty sure Boxer Santeros would agree: Pimps save that shit for the end— to enjoy with the other Pimps.

So what are you? ‘Cause, the way I see it, you play Run for Your Lives as a pawn, you’re signing up for an early, bloody, senseless death— guaranteed suicide, because pawns are guaranteed to die in the first half of Apocalypse Play. Following Boxer’s simple tautology, that’s plainly suicide; by that criteria alone, you fail to be a pimp. I think Boxer and I mean the same thing when I say Player and he says pimp— don’t you?

Do you know who Boxer Santeros is? I think it might be time for you to rent Southland Tales.



It isn’t that you survive. It’s that you have a fighting chance, and you have a fighting chance because you become a competitor with the terror itself. It isn’t that you’re trying to outpace an unstoppable terror; A2 comes with very real, very actionable power, very physical power, and it’s with that power that you realize there’s more than a good goddamned chance that if enough of you dial in the right tapestry of A2 gem states across enough pimps and Players, you’re gonna kick this thing’s ass.

Lets inventory pawns, pimps, and Players for clarity:

•  Scooby: Shaggy::Pimp:Pawn

•  Aragorn:Gandolf::Player:Pimp

•  Hicks:Ripley::Pawn:Pimp

•  Spartan:Valkyie:Player:Pimp


Not coincidentally: These are precisely the roles I’m recruiting players for.

So who’s game?


It should be clear at this point: I answered my calling, have risen to the challenge, I have accomplished what literally no one else on this planet has yet to accomplish, and I now make the very bold and very true claim: I am the first of these archetypal heroes to rise from the herd of tribes. 

I call to the heroes in waiting: answer your callings now. To the heroes now in the midst of their callings, I say, ‘I’ve more than got your back.’ 

Because, you see, I’ve got more than the promise of what could happen; I’ve got a very real, very actionable science. And I have already accomplished the extraordinary with this science. I know it can be taught because I’ve taught it. I know that it’s what we need and desperately yearned for right now because every person I encounter, every person who benefits from these demonstrations of endogenous technology, reports a discovery of themselves, their own power, and of real hope within themselves they’d given up on ever experiencing again: a hope that sustains because what needs doing is now very, very much in it’s urgently needed reach.


Now here’s what you really need to get: My calling goes beyond me, goes beyond those in my generation I want urgently to empower, and goes beyond our parents and our first wave of children. My work is about creating a new culture whose fundamental conditions allow our children’s children to survive. That culture must invite them to act, and it must permit them to make mistakes. Our current culture vigorously disallows both. These fundamental conditions must themselves renew successive generations’ fundamental conditions, refreshing the line anew so that it has the capacity to outpace every calamity to challenge future generations. I have no children of my own, nor do I expect ever to. I act defiantly, courageously, and with all conviction until my dying breath in vigorous protection of the generations to come.

I am offering you right now a complete Ontology, a robust physics that not only reconciles Quantum and the Relativities, but contributes four additions to Einstein’s work that allows Relativity to reconcile itself to Quantum, in addition to a revolution in consciousness and a wholly new technology that is native to you does not require the intervention of currency, commodity, nor industry. I am also offer a robust plan to get you out of this darkness. More than one, in fact. And I am literally the only player on the board right now who makes this boast, and who is certain he will succeed. I have the utmost certainty of my success because I know precisely what I’ve discovered, and I know precisely what I can do with it right now, and because the evidence my work uncovers is resounding: The Ontology makes clear that unknown unknown blessings lie just aheads waiting to aid us, to be cannily discovered just in the knick time, time and again.

I am the only man on the board assuring you: I will fight and die with everything I have to ensure your children receive, master, and better these gifts, and that they successfully transmit them to their grandchildren. That I have invested and sacrificed as much of myself as I have as selflessly and tirelessly as I have should give you no doubt of my word nor conviction.

Again: I’m the only mutherfucker on the board right now with a very real, very actionable plan.


Ladies, Gentlemen, Mothers and Fathers, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, Brothers and Sisters: for the benefit of our sons and daughters now and yet to come, I humbly offer you now: Your Institute for Endogenous Technology.

The sooner we fund, the sooner I train. I am just one person. The scramble to bring just the body of work you see before you now on the last year has exceeded my abilities, emptied my pockets, broken my body and nearly my spirit. There is vastly more work to be shared with you, and neither you nor I have the luxury of another 14 months for me to come to this point of a second delivery by myself. I need help. I cannot do this alone. Your children urgently deserve that I get this help— so that I can bring it to you, and so that we can save and empower them before the true horrors of this apocalypse are inveighed upon us.

The sooner I train research partners, the sooner we get into the field. The sooner we get into the field, the sooner get you into your SPORE, get you into A2, and you trained. The sooner we can do that, the greater opportunity we all have to train still more of each other— and the more of us who are rendered Players, rendered pimps, who are no longer pawns, the greater our grandchildren’s chances for survival.


My discoveries of A2 consciousness and its concurrent endogenous technologies thus far have enormous and very clearly actionable implications. Yes, innate in each of us very truly is a unique journey through consciousness that renders what amounts to very physical superpowers unique to our individual characters. This is true. But what I am absolutely certain of: Properly arranged in cohort groups capitalizing on our innate genetic tendencies, those powers can be grossly and significantly amplified. 

Enter: The Spore Initiative.

Despite my strong aversion to the Clinton dynasty, I give credit where credit is due: HRC was absolutely correct in asserting: It takes a village. Our survival urgently requires retribalization. Thing I learned in 45,000 mile journey from the election through today? You’re all saying that, too.

One of the core themes uniting Americans rendered consistent and strikingly apparent through all of my travels these last 14 months: We sense that the most sensible course of action before us now is that human civilization must balk from the flatland disarray that renders globalism precariously dangerous, and must urgently reorganize into tribal structures. When these yearnings have been sheepishly offered, my subjects haven’t been able to articulate a pathway; this pathway seems shamefully Luddite coming from the culture of marvels bestowed upon us by the sciences of the Fabrication Age, the current inheritor to the Industrial Age now past.

Make no mistake: If we do nothing at all, haphazard retribalization is the course we will driven to as the unrecoverable succession of calamities already underway will render larger national structures’ already pointless plague of inefficacies not merely a moral offense but acute impediment to our individual and communal survival. But if driven by circumstance alone, hounded by calamity, into these tribal structures, we are guaranteed of a primative Ludditism whose advantage applied against the odds growing before us is grossly constricted relative to the alternative I offer you now.

Follow me into SPORES, and your grandkids won’t breathe their last as this Earth follows Venus and Mars in to their fires. Do not, and guarantee them precisely that hell.



Sebastian Junger most recently compellingly identifies the ideal human social-civic grouping arrangement as tribes whose constituent population numbers in the mid-forties. I offer a movement of tribal formation where that number is the ideal: formed around 6 to 9 actively parenting couples, with their children, their parents, and their unpartnered adults acting in concert together, I act to unify each of you not merely in tribes, but in dynamic cohorts whose groupings amplify the unique aptitudes and character qualities of the individuals specifically united once awakened to their full endogenous potential in A2. 

Spores are the transformative grain of the project, and the meat and bone of the research initiaitive. We organize you into the most effective cohort tribe we possibly can. Friendship with your sporemates is a low priority; effectiveness, teamwork, discovery, celebration, and belonging: these are your keys to long-game success. We work with you using our theory and tech, and we craft solutions for each Spore group that reflects their core values, the memes they want to see generated in the culture, and the core competencies they share with other Spores. I’m not manufacturing the same Spore in every living room; your spore is a tribe, an organism just as necessarily unique as each of its constituents are. It has different characters, virtues, and needs from other Spores. We all benefit from that actual catalysis of diversity.

Moreover, I have schemas in place to unite these tribes in dynamic cohorts of tribes— SPORE nations, if you will— capable of capacitating and realizing even more fully the gifts expressly and distinctively cultured in each individual tribe. Remarkably, Facebook’s structure, if the needle is moved from the individual to the tribe, applied across mobile devices linked the blockchain, provides us with sufficient information infrastructure to rapidly facility this organization of SPORE nations— and does away with net neutrality issues and solves poor broken Facebook’s problems with, you know, narcissism and peekaboo baby black mirrors.

The importance of retribalization cannot be understated. In a flatland of disconnected individuals lost in the morass of petty periscopehead narcissism maddenly agitated by the stunning reverberation of our peekaboo baby book black mirrors applied against our poor defenseless mirrors and the relentless signalling of endless stings a salaciously hashtaged scandals they propagate, we are guaranteed to miss entirely the calamities that propagate and surround us with stunning swiftness and finality. This is already happening. As a species, we are not as nimble nor as capable of long game play in isolation as individual human beings nor in the flatland of globalism. Moreover, singly our strength is a whisper of what our strength can be together— when potently organised, which it should be plain egalitarian globalism acts explicitly against. 

Tribes allow us that nimbleness, and tribes allow us precisely the dimensionality and leanness necessary to maximize the amplification of those strengths and execute their application with stunning effectiveness.

Spores operate on all cycles and domains that describe blooms. These propagate their benefits on every level— including serving as anchor points to catch civilizations and communities when the government and economy falls,  and including growing new cultures— and ultimately steering us into forming newer, more vital macro-organisms— hopefully capable of making better life choices in partnering with the planet than Human.



In my finance work, it become clear: Scale matters. Why? Because systems of behavioral organization operate successfully only within ideal scale parameters relative to the active conditions in the milieu. Exceeding those scales promotes distortions to behaviors that undermine the benefits of those systems. We have have lost sight of this truth because our nation religion is bloat— which we disguise as the more palatable and sensible-seeming ‘progress.’ 

There are ideal scales, in terms of population number, dispersal, and applied technologies beyond which governments and economies cannot operate sensibly. Bloat in any domain of any organism impairs, and too often expresses itself as cancerous. What’s more, a population whose number and technology has exceeded the carrying capacities of its systems of behavioral organization simply cannot contend with any disruption to and from the fabric of the milieu in which they are contained. Capitalism, communism, socialism, and democracy have scale thresholds beyond which they are rendered so distorted as to be lethal to our survival.

What’s fascinating in all of this is that tribes transcend this, and, what’s more, reinstitution of tribal structures in any of these systems provides more than ample structural support to account for and correct the deleterious distortions to behavior that occur as consequences of distortions of their scale.

There is no downside to SPORES. They don’t aim to overthrow any governments; indeed, they act specifically in the interest of national security where the aegis of government clearly can no longer protect us. In that, SPORES compliment any civilization they’re injected into. They correct culture. They afford rapid response to crisis. And if a SPORE-focused social network applied across a block-chain network diffused across mobile devices (not housed on privately held servers) is enacted to unite them, almost all of the modern maladies of fake news and net neutrality and uneven exchange and thorny intergroup negotiations are given new currency and new breath.


Inaction this year ensures our planet’s doom, and our children’s children with it.

Inaction cannot stand if we are to withstand what has already begun. We must scale down from a globalist bloat immediately if we are to succeed; we must render new systems of behavioral organism onto ourselves and we must participate them so that they are ideally scaled from now at least until the morning that follows this long night of terrors. We must retribalize, and we must begin this process immediately.

In my science, I see tribes as having quite literally no downside— especially with benefits of the Enlightenment, which include lessons learned from its errors, readily at hand for each tribe. Tribes now can do more than just shelter people from the uncertain threats lurking just outside the wigwam’s flap. Tribes collectively serve as a actual biologic cultures that render individual tribes as very seeds seeds from which the new, necessarily culture can bloom. We aren’t going to fix our poisoned culture via any other means.

This new culture is based on the propagation of A2 consciousness and endogenous technology. On every level, the blessings of this model of tribalism bloom— into the macro-culture, into the tribes themselves, and into us as individual mothers, fathers, parents, and children. This renders each tribe a potent engine whose grain spores necessary transformation and adaptation at every turn and at every level. 

I want to launch the first round of these SPORES March 1, 2018 in the Bay Area, Humboldt County, and Yucca and Coachella Valleys. I need your help to get there. And to do that, I’m going to help you prepare in advance.


In the weeks ahead, I will complete the task of publishing the first release: the Massive Missiles. This includes:

  1. You Make Me Wanna Make Mistakes, an introduction to the Ontology and orientation, published 12/16/2017.
  2. This Book, the Proposal for the Institute for Endogenous Technology and the Spore Initiative
  3. The Ontology: The Bloom Universe and You (1 book, 2+ powerpoints)
  4. The four revisions to Relativity (four books)
  • Gravity, carrying capacity, and squanching
  • The physics of Time
  • States of Matter, relative to the subjective experience of time’s, as constrained by four+ variables
  • Interiority— which describes the interaction of strings, superposition, and consciounsess
  • Blooms in Consciousness— My personal A2 Consciousness Journey
  1.  The Reveries: my contribution to the rich transcendentalist literature of our great country, as engendered and inspired by the Ontology and A2, as a thank you to to my idol, Ralph Waldo Emerson, for his book Nature, in which he inspired me to strive to attain this Theory of Nature, which indeed explains all phenomenon.
  2. Mail Game 1 – Illustrated and handwritten book dispersed as letters to my friends introducing them to the work
  3. Mail Game 2 – The Warning, to played with Patreon donors
  4. Mail Game 3 – The First Stamped, Self-Addressed Envelope (SASE) campaign, available to the the broader public, once I return to the Lab in Humboldt, ideally Mar 1, 2018 
  5. Superposition: a three volume illustrated work, to completed at the advent of our successful Kickstarter/Gofundme campaign, summarizing:
  • New horizons in imagination
  • Tricognitive holarchic you and A2 consciousness
  • Endogenous Technology and DIY SPORE workbook

All of these books are produced in different formats— illustrated, picture book, straight theory, powerpoint— at a broad range of reading levels so that everyone has a way in to their Institute for Endogenous Technology.

These works, in addition to an ongoing host of podcasted and YouTube supplementary materials, will all be available indefinitely on EVERYTHING I HAVE AND WILL MAKE IN SUPPORT OF THIS WORK I BEAQUEATH TO POSTERITY, NOW AND EVER MORE.

Again: will be available on this webpage: It’s a lotta work. I’m one man. I could use some help. An editor and somebody expert in audio and video would be grand for starters. And somebody who’s a helluva lot better with money than I am. 

Patreon support is the easiest and fasted means to help me get that first round of help hired.

All Patreon proceeds go directly to hiring people. All art sales on my shop do, also.

I would also love help putting together a non-profit board and establishing a sufficient operational infrastructure to the infrastructure to get this puppy going. Anyone with experience in these matters willing, please drop a line to