Welcome to your Institute for Endogenous Technology


“All science has one aim, namely, to find a theory of nature. We have theories of races and of functions, but scarcely yet a remote approach to an idea of creation. We are now so far from the road to truth, that religious teachers dispute and hate each other, and speculative men are esteemed unsound and frivolous. Whever a true theory appears, it will be its own evidence. Its test is, that it will explain all phenomena.”

—Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature

We of the Institute for Endogenous Technology advance an extraordinary science that reaffirms modern physics and blesses it with unity and remarkable wholeness as advanced by our founder’s historic Ontology, which observes that Universe is an engine of eternal bloom generation and propagation. From this basis, we have not only harmonized the relativites, quantum, and string, we have unveiled heretofore untapped potentials in our species, made possible by the revolutionary discoveries of Awakening to Awakening (A2 consciousness) and the endogenous technologies it unveis in each of us. It is our founder, Grant Victor’s, pleasure to gift the world the fruits of his 12 years of self-funded research and development, the entire body of his work freely available ever to posterty, that we may be forever benefited by the discovery of our true natures in this universe and act so empowered at last to right the horrors of human being and assume the mantel of stewardship of this treasured earth and all its children at last and forever more.

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