This is no ‘rabbit hole’ we tumble down... 


In America, the prevailing archetypes defining cultural and governmental behaviors are rapidly exchanging— from a wonderland of narcoses and sandal to the more uncertain paths winding through the long shadow of dystopia.

 Presuming our stories survive, will our grandchildren diagnose the spoils of the Clinton ‘90s fading into tyranny now as corollary to A Brave New World?

Will they rue us for falling, again and again, into its somatic comas?

Will they connect those indulgences to the fall of democracies worldwide into tyrannies and thug oligarchies, the emergence of a dystopia far darker, crueler, and inescapable than 1984?


We have succeed in isolating ourselves from each other by celebrating and retreating to the false assurances of our most vapid, narcissistic, piously fractious ‘individual’ selves.

The religion of the ‘individual’ as supreme currency of personhood reigns, despite the endless surge of evidence directly refuting its promises, making plain that its suppositions are false, and that pursuit of both to the exclusion of all else is quite literally maddening.

Moreover, we in our pursuit of ‘individualism,’ we fail to distinguish ‘personality’ from ‘character,’ and so fail to address the matter and obligations of ‘identity.’(1)

Is this religion of the individual is a disabling sham?

Might it be perpetrated now to keep us all lost in an ever-growing shell game with no pea, with no lasting peace to purchase as commodity?


Again and again, we chose paths of least resistance, paths to self-fulfillment we mistake for self-attainment, paths that can be purchased for the low, low price of $9.99 or $99.99.

We congratulate ourselves on our clever finds, rewards of good hunts, as reflective of our uniqueness as persons— ignorant of the obvious: this one purchase is one of millions of the exact same, the chase you mistook as a hunt was a distraction from graver matters, your bewilderment in life and the narcotics you consume to ease it are a product not merely of the endless maze you run through but of your denial you are in the maze at all, that the helplessness you insist defines you is truly an abdication of your very real power to those with less virtue and lesser characters than their cults of personality suggest or sustain.

In all this, we chase ‘the middle class dream,’ which is precisely that: the idea that, should we master a single range of skills, seated in front of a computer, that reflects the merits of our deepest characters, we will be rewarded with accolades and comfort, and enjoy a modicum of the lifestyle our betters attain before us in the two, perhaps three decades we do not work while we wait to die.

That this pursuit does anything other than chain us more tightly, more eagerly while we watch the endless play of shadows dance on the LED screens opposite the cave walls before us...

It should be noted: The rich never, never have their fingers in just one pie. See also: Trump, Donald J.

Our failed fourth estate and the evangelical domain of prosperity politics and religion not only advance these myths of the mighty middle class and virtuous individual as paragons of fulfilled liberty via every possible channel with endless zeal, they aggressively destroy what gossamer vestiges of community remain. 

Short-sighted, craven, and shameless, both corporations and governments abuse free speech and deploy clever signaling masked by salacious memes that relentlessly stoke public hostilities and set the least of us against and upon each other with rabid fury that mounts by the day. The best of us hide at home, trusting that one day this storm shall pass.

How is it that we still accord them our trust?

Could it be we still trust that seeing is believing, even after having been taking in by so many obvious cons advanced by such poor slights of hand?

Is it hocus pocus or peekaboo that has us chained balls-to-the-wall?


Our masters’ bald aim: render us increasingly confused and impoverished, and dependent on our corporate masters and the state they sponsor, and while they devastate entirely an already dangerously depleted civic political infrastructure, shamelessly plundering a planet they suppose infinitely plentiful.

Ever we wander further into their labyrinth of horrors, never bothering to map the path for ourselves lest we should retreat urgently to the exit, trusting ever in the reality they weave for us, again and again.

What shall we do when we wake from this dream at the heart of their maze, the iron gates slamming shut behind us, and the veil lifts at last?

When we discover the truth: that we have always been fat, naked, and alone— easy prey?


Plato’s diagnosis in Republic that democracies inevitably devolve into tyrannies, no matter how unpalatable to acknowledge, is now in agonizing, rapid descent the world over— with seemingly no remedy nor justification for actionable hope, both urgently needed, in sight.

Even more terrifyingly, the popularity of Handmaid’s Tale signals our cultures’, states’, and corporations’ very real understanding of the reproductive value of our women and prognoses just how far the wicked are willing to go to keep the most treasured members of our species under boot. For it is only from their wombs the wicked earn their veal.

The heavy curtain suffocates as it descends, ever cloaking more and more of what little light remained, choking out hope.

The culture of globalism can only generate this outcome. It is wholly incapable of delivering its remedy.

Moreover, it inoculates itself entirely against those agencies which previously might have.


Protest is now wholly impotent.

We cannot ‘like’ our way back to liberty.

Tweets are useful only insofar as we can point fingers at glimmers of offense; beyond that, they demonstrate plain: words have all but lost their power.

It appears that power is now only another commodity whose purchase is far from our reach precisely because it is offered only to an exclusive few— not us.

We excuse depthless surveillance as acceptable as we presume those watching will find no reason to accuse us.

Our unconstitutionally militarized police force no longer acts to serve and protect but rather terrorize and effect violent incursions.

We congratulate each other with a myth of merited greatness that has long faded behind the bullying might of our military.

And we sit by and do nothing, rewarded with temporary tokens of our scientific genius manifest by our industrial might. We promise ourselves these successive purchases define us more closely to the persons God made us; when we grow bored of the token and the image of us it reflects, it is cast into waste streams whose instant invisibility takes hold the moment the Hefty bag is cinched and readied for curbside collection.

In all this, we ‘understand’ were are complicit in our planet’s befoulment, and we ‘fathom’ our excess rapidly renders our Earth uninhabitable.

We excuse ourselves from moral responsibility and release ourselves from any hint of remorse, however, because we prize ‘intention’ as the defining conceit of behavior.

“She has a good heart,” or “he is a good Christian,” or “I didn’t mean it,” stand as convenient balms for accountability to behaviors that are too obviously deliberate.

Terrified of shame, perplexed about how we might not behave the same, we hide from blame.

And so we render the progress of our demise, cast entirely from the power of our physical bodies as they pass through the world, unconscious to ourselves.


What else can I do?

Everyone else, after all, is doing it.

It won’t make a difference if I stop.


Only behavior is what marks the world. And you.

And in that, a clue:

If we have so marked the world as to render it nearly uninhabitable asleep at the wheel, isn’t it correct to state we do so only using a fraction of our bodies’ strength?

What would it look like, then, were we to wake up, and use a bit more of that strength toward more intentional, more virtuous, also deliberate ends?


Our governments are too encrusted in corruption and too beholden to the wicked to respond with sufficiently rapid mobilization of our populations.

The capitalist myth matrixes of Western Civilization and their token narcotic comforts discourage action and reward entitled disengagement.

The irrepressible ‘growth’ pressures of market driven corporate agencies, defined by the short-sighted impositions of GAAP accounting— notably in profit and loss statements— and amplified by the inability of fiat currency to reabsorb and balance capital streams, ensures a continued prioritization of parasitic actions on the part of our corporate shepherds.

Per a 2016 New York Times editorial by former Treasury Secretary Henry ‘Hank’ Paulson inveighing upon finance and capital as solutions to our blight caused by the very same, global corporations already view the looming crises as opportunities for still more profit and human oppression.

How can we permit those captains who persuaded us with distraction, delusion, deception, and narcosis to lead us through this quagmire? How can we even allow ourselves the false luxury of hope in their hands?

This must not stand.


We, are the Institute for Endogenous Technology.

We act in virtuous defiance of this wholesale degradation of you, your tribes, our planet.

We bring you solutions that transcend the revolutionary— precisely because those solutions we offer will wholly transcend the very nature of the limits you are habituated to in the experience of your being.

And those solutions reside come from places no one is looking, yet precisely those very places we tell ourselves, again and again, those solutions must come from.

“Tribes.” “Grassroots.” “Groundswell.” “A new culture.” “Vote with your dollar.” “We must awaken, globally.”

These all truly can be accomplished, but not within any means we deem conventional. You will not find these paths, these outcomes, where you have been told to look.

No sage who lived thousands of years prior can truly illuminate the path to your awakening today— especially not if their modes have failed to deliver their promised goods en masse well before this time.

Oprah, Bono, Hillary Clinton: They lose power should you truly experience the blessings they claim to fight for on your behalf. So they are disincentivized to truly fight for your liberation.

Our Christian pastors and priests, save for this new Pope, seem to blatantly miss, again and again, the extolments in Genesis and the red-letter texts in the Gospel: That we are to be stewards to this garden, courageous and gentle shepherds to each other. With most of the clergy and orthodoxy enjoying some fashion of corporate sponsorship and no financial obligation to the state and its people, how could they do otherwise?

Our survival is at stake; worse, our children’s and grandchildren’s. They will not inheret a better world than we.

We cannot trust the ideas of the past— those ideas that delivered us to the existential crises of today. Wholly new ontologies are required that serve us now.

We need new leaders.

They must shun those near-sighted traditions; they must lead not only people but the very idea of ideas; the must forge entirely new paths into imagination itself, and in them: lead us back to each other, to belonging, and ultimately to thriving.

These paths, ever, must begin and end: with evidence and compassion. And they must always lead: To action, to agency. From all of us.

This must begin with rejection of all prior orthodoxies, and taking a hard look not only at the evidence, but at our very orientation to that evidence. That can only begin with a radical redefinition of our understanding of imagination itself, and what purpose we prioritize it to consider first.

You must approach the matter of your agency, your culture, your country, your planet, orthogonally. That must begin with an orthogonal shift in how you experience the entirety of you. You must be wholly imaginative in discovering who you are now, and in concieving what you can become.

For you, your physical body, your glorious minds: it is in these that power is truly purposed and designed. You know this: We the People have only scratched the surface of what we truly are.

The individual, the personality: These blind us to that potential just beneath the surface. These hold us back. The way forward leads not through nor ultimately to them.

The way forward leads to and through you, and into us all.

The way forward, of wholeness and healing, is in belonging. It is only in belonging that we thrive. It has ever and only been thus.

In you, in the tribes you seek: This is where our work begins.

Together, so effected, so imbued with untold physical power, we will not yield to the dark. We will fight. We will usher in a new era of light.

Join us.


(1)‘Identity’ is a shared phenomenon that distinguishes individual persons for each other and to themselves. It arises and forms between persons, and is sustained so long as the relationship(s) between them are sustained. The identities your mother, college best friend, daughter, coworker, husband, and pastor in all likelihood are very different from one another.

‘Personality’ is in the modern context a pastiche/potpourri of purchased fashions and copied sound-byte memes, broadcasting homogeneity to affinity groups while offering a hint of ‘difference’ so as to advertise distinction from within those groups, and therefore appear ‘authentic.’ Personality is a short-hand that more easily establishes and more broadly applies identity.

‘Character’ is an innate trait that cannot be changed, but can be deliberately strengthened, underdeveloped, or suppressed. Character and its fulfillment are less matters of social affinity and identity and have everything to do with selecting and managing your behaviors, and sustaining your habits.


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