Best buddies? 


As Western globalism faces its inevitable decline, we of the Institute for Endogenous Technology declare our Western corporate stewards and our elected governments terminally and incurably impaired to protect us and mobilize us against the worst.

These stewards, lords of industry and politicians who’ve mistaken themselves for God, are willfully out of touch with those they govern and are swallowing themselves whole.

Who picks up the phone when God dials 9-1-1?


China, Russia, and potentially India, with tacit backing of Saudi Arabia and its allies, appear to be quietly and rapidly shifting the entirety of global military power, capital, and infrastructure into their hands. China’s Xi Jingping is the dynamic leader at the head of the pack; Vladimir Putin, formerly seeming suspiciously cagey, emerges as his calm hand.

Jingping has been elevated to Mao’s stature, and will rule until he tires of doing so. Putin only wryly hints that he will not run; in truth, Russia never runs better than under his hand, and he never runs stronger than when he has Russia in his hands. These are the new kings of global politics. What’s more, they are oligarchs of industry. New gods, ascendant.

China, Russia, and the Saudis have ample liquidity, and no disincentive to halt their efforts and slow the plunder and ruin of our world. They conveniently geographically dominate the Eurasian continent, nearly control all infrastructure and resources, combined share the greatest stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, hold all major emergent markets and manufacturing, act as defining Federal creditors to Europe, the United States, and their militaries, and in their union effortlessly contain and neutralize the major regional instabilities that have so occupied global and humanitarian engagements since the end of the Cold War. China now handily boasts the four largest global financial institutions.

We can be reassured that this union will effect the strategically necessary containment of global nuclear threats the US and Briton are no longer able to manage. Certainly North Korea can be better mollified by financial partners Russia and China in the advent the US is revealed to be impotent before them; the bigger nuclear concern, never reported, has always been the India-Pakistan threat, and here the union of these players has even greater containment value.

Morally, they are no more or less equal to the current regime; it is only in channel concentration their horrors appear to differ. In terms of humanitarian atrocities, violations of civil liberties, secret prisons, free speech incursions, and overall body count, they surprisingly score a bit better— especially when compared to the neoliberal American agenda, empowered by our CIA.

Excitingly, Chinese Prime Minster Xi Jingping promises massive goodwill investments of infrastructure spanning the eurasian supercontinent.

Both China and Russia are major proponents of the security state. And with Saudi Arabia, the largest state sponsor of global terror, a financial backer of growing dedication…

Can we truly see an end in sight to global surveillance?


The geographic isolation of North America, its internal rancors, its pugnaciously fractious and heavily armed populace, and its failure to lead as economic stewards in the wake of Glass-Stegal’s repeal and so-called ‘free trade agreements’ only incentivize the globe to welcome new financial and political shepherds.

The rise of unruly, shortsighted, knee-jerk right-wing populist movements in the US and Britain only discourages their global reputations after decades of failed and unruly neoliberalism. Donald Trump, particularly, is poor follow up to Barack Obama, for whom few Americans and Britons appreciate the depth and globe-wide span of dismay and offense. Trump is correctly viewed as such a blunder of our electorate that Jingping and Putin pleasantly contrast as measured, prudent, sensible, and by simple comparison.


It is strange to admit: The crony China-Russia alliance seems poised to inspire global and investor confidence in ways that the sham comfort democracies of the US and Briton simply cannot be counted on to deliver any longer.


The strategic impotence of NATO, coupled with currencies issued by US and European treasures and leant into circulation by reserve banks whose equity-undermining asset bases following ‘quantitative easing’ are noxious at best, and threatened by gross, looming market instabilities guarantee the West will succeed in hampering its agencies to increasingly disabling effect.

Given recent abuses of military power by the US the world over and the long history of oppressive Western colonialism...


Why wouldn’t ambitious China reach for the opening yawning before them?

Why wouldn’t Russia, it’s pride too often jilted by the West, also join them?

Why wouldn’t the nations of the world find a power shift enticing?

Why should the investment community hold onto confidence in Europe and America with hard right populist movements near to upending the pillars of globalism?

It is any wonder Russia involved itself so liberally in the illiberal American 2016 presidential selection?

Could you resist such a temptation were it so close at hand? And so cheap?

And the subjects you targeted so handily and hungrily gullable?


The era of Briton-assisted US hegemony is at an end.

Let us breathe a brief sigh of relief... snark.


But is this to be the fire after the frying pan?

How could these emergent players not lust after the very rewards we have too long hoarded for ourselves? How could they not capitalize on new technologies to reward their significantly larger and growing populations with even greater rewards?

How could this yield any outcome other than greater planetary plunder?

And how could a discredited West apply any braking mechanism to them?


It should be noted: the nature of capital in the United States, amplified with the Babylonian plague of tongues afflicted upon its people by virtue of its black mirror fetishization and scandal obsession, was always the prevailing global obstacle to remedying the biome emergences beset upon us now.

The power movements diagnosed above should not be viewed by conscientious citizens as calamity; rather, these shifts, despite their uncertainties, create extraordinary opportunities for revolutionary, virtuous action.


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