2. The progress of Mammon via propagation of fiat currency, the poison fruit of usury and its fallacy of progress.


Why do you get all the love in the world?
Will you bite the Hand that Feeds you?
—NIN, “The Hand that Feeds” + “All the Love in the World”, With Teeth

Such measurement would key to points in our history that spur this trajectory in its horrifying arc: surplus agriculture, truly the origin of culture and civilization kings, currency, and property ownerships, which sees its foundational technologies and chemistries set in motion; which drives us to the Enlightenment and its awards of so-called progress; which ever distract us from the mounting commotion these orthodoxed fallacies of the periscope’s preeminence to the exclusion of literally all else inflect and inflict upon We the People. In this confusion, this commotion, commodity slips in and renders itself a kind of narcotic king to each of us, hiding the lure of a darker god, evident and manifest in all forms: Currency, which acts as reality defining and building, via usury. If we justify and evidence our precious individualist periscopehead existence not by virtue of thought’s evidence to ones self, as Descartes supposed in his time, but to the evidence of ones’ passage in the world, marked only and ever via behavior, then how we mark the world in agreed-to-behaviors to satisfy even the supposition of those entities whose thoughts we cannot perceive nor motions we cannot connect, yet whom we agree advance stringent codes of human conduct and specific outcomes of intent truly stands as evidence of those gods’ passage in the world. We cannot prove the existence of Yaweh or Allah via interpersonal confrontation, sheltered in a safe space, of course. Yet there is evidence in wars and Inquisitions and crusades and zealous terrorism that men and women agree to what they suppose these divinities’ mortal moral instructions are; gathered as one body acting in concert, the effect these aims in their behaviors. In that regard, we render with utmost real in the world our so-called gods. 

So it goes: whether fiction or not, we the people, as one divine body of ourselves united in behavior by common purpose, make that fiction reality in the sheer force collective agency. Power is in behavior, for behavior alone is what marks and transforms the world; such power exists only in our physical bodies. 

We serve no god more dutifully, more reverently, and more ‘productively’ and damagingly, than usurious ‘fiat’ currency. Its rules rule us, fuel our confusion and commotion at the discrete constituent level, and so mask its hand, its influence over us, and its agency through us. Agency, you must understand, is the engine of directed behavior. I say again: Behavior alone what mark the world; it is solely resident in your body, and is your power and birthright.

There exists reasonable controversy in the fold over the matter of currency in general, but especially over fiat currency, which bares no basis for its valuation in commodity— of either declining value (grain in grainaries) or declining availability (precious metals, which go lost and end up fashioned into utilities and jewelry). Many of us live unmoored and agitated knowing we have nothing we can trace the dollar’s value back to— there is not gold in Fort Nox that we can claim with that greenback voucher Uncle Sam once pledged an even exchange for. 

Now, currency exists as gossamer myth— a Ponzi scheme, in fact, sustained by endless lending— the biblical and koranic sin of usury. 

Most have no idea what ‘fiat’ means, and too few care that while the strict Latin translation is ‘by decree’ and that the colloquial Latin usage leaned toward, ‘because we say so.’ Our masters coax us to suppose this is highly suggestive of some process of mutuation to arrive a daily assessment of what this pretend currency is relative to the others, we miss entirely that this term, fiat, masks that our currency is generated and arrived at via usury. This term, usury, means the charging of money to lend money. In the world’s great philosophic and theologic traditions, this is a monstrous and civically unpermissible sin. If we were semantically honest in naming our currencies mechanism of generation, we would not call it fiat; we could and should only call it usurious currency; were we so courageously honest, the consequences of this currency would make the full depth of its odious fatal stain self-evident.

Put simply, your money has no basis— it is leant into existence, and in order to repay that lending, still more must be leant. Our central banks do not report to us the repayment of bonds, nor the quality of the assets they hold on their balance sheets that should guarantee the value of those bonds. We are ignorant, for example, the tarp that was cast to cover the on-going catastrophe of crash after crash of junk bonds that followed 2008. It was precisely this progression which horrified me as a finance professional whop moonlighted as bubble-spotting economist. Again, semantics mask the truth: Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen called their work Quantitive Easing, QE, a meaningless simulacra we suppose as true merely because the marriage of the two phonemes in the media space gave it an allure of expertise that warned prying us to off— this is too difficult for you to understand. In truth, all QE did was bail out the rich from each of these junk bonds moments before they turned from gold to shit in their hands. 

These bonds were issued with usurious currency; these bonds were recovered by the state with usurious currency; their rich counter-parties were awarded handsome piles of this usurious currency— and every penny of digitall invented and inventories on balance sheets hoarded by miserly cocks (Kochs), hedge funds, and churches. The whole of it, the entire enterprise of modern currency, is without underlying value whatsoever. Yet its influence is massive and monstrous— our world as it stands is entirely impossible without fiat’s usurious yields. Indeed, the very of idea of progress, which we assign cause to the Enlightenment, Democracy, and Capitalism, is in fact impossible without fiat’s usurious power to bloat. This is precisely because we agree to play by its muddling rules, and thus, collectively, with our bodies, we evidence fiat as the mightiest of gods to ever mark this earth with their passing.

Do not be ignorant of your nature. For as you are onto yourselves— this idea that you are individual, pleasantly narcotized by this supposition of supreme and paramount self-importance— you deceive yourselves from the beautiful truth that you merely one a rung on a ladder of being; your bodies, not merely assemblages of organs, cells, organelles, and chemicals acting in chemical concert, act also as cells themselves in still larger organs, organisms, and so on. The course of the Bloom, the defining Universal agency, holds true: The phenomenon of you is not isolated merely to you, and you are done vastly more than you ever do. The you blind yourselves the massive truth of the former by exaggerating the consequence of the latter guarantees that you remain subject not merely to the the control of nefarious others, but that you remain willfully and inexcusably ignorant to the wicked gods in your midst, acting through and doing you more than you do you, most notably and subtly and most poisonous and destructively in dutiful service to fiat currency, manufactured solely via usury— Mammon’s One True God.

Whether or not you can face and confront these gods, prove yourselves to them face to face as you might each other in a by-gone era predating accidental predation of your mirror cells by iPhone and poor broken Facebook, is immaterial: your bodies, acting in agreement, have marked the world just the same with your sleepwalking bodies— the only way in this catalyst game we accomplish climate change. It is only in this way, by marking the world, that any passage, any presence, any life can truly be measured and know. Those matters we hold most dear— words, names, emotions— these are infinite, a flood of vapors, a torrent of steamy air. These exist as signals only the moment; even your name will vanish from memory within two generations and that none will assign itself to new others— who may or may not bare it with some trace of your precious essence. These things mark nothing; these things have no lasting consequence. It is only the individual prior-to-iPhone whom could be consoled by Descartes’ too-facile vanity-satisfying axiom. This axiom, fundamental to the Enlightenment, is precisely the inflammation of self via self-importance’s narcotisms, is the very engine that makes us most easily susceptible to the simplest of cons precisely because it traps us in our periscopeheads and fuels their idiot denial of its two older siblings it keeps subsumed and unconscious, tortured in the chest and belly— the truly, the whole of you, what is most of your matter, what matters most. 

We are trapped playing shell game after shell game, following bouncing ball after bouncing ball, chasing lure after lure, after lie after lie, shiny shiny, following nefarious kings of lies and queens of scandal, who divide us ever, again and again, away from each other, into ourselves, more and more deeply, discovering to our neurotic terror with each involution in ourselves with anxious horror: that within each of us, each precious individual, there is no there there.