1. You and your a species of great apes act in concert as geologic catalyst.

Traffic was slow for the crash years
There’s no other show like it ‘round here
As a rule. 
Windows were rolled for the crash years
Honey child you’re not safe here. 
As a rule.
—New Pornographers, “Crash Years,” Together


The milieu you inhabit, your earth, round or flat or pyramid or dodecahedron, is unravelling, explosively, and now with a rate of change that if we can step away from the dumb habit of isolate analysis of supposedly discrete phenomenon measured solely against past occurrence of the same and map wholistically over the whole of geologic time so that we can see quite plainly corresponds, on all axises, to a course that is solely and inescapably parabolic. To separate ourselves from the orthodox necessity of the idea of ourselves that we are separate and above all, especially over Nature and from one another, and possess the courage and imagination to see ourselves part of this whole we think we occupy and which truly occupies us, and which we only truly reside as part of, if we measure our course collectively as a mineral system on a mineral planet, if we have the courage to see it and ourselves as chemical systems interacting fundamentally, the evidence of this parabolic passage is obviously diagnosable: we are plainly a biologic catalyst in the mineral solution that is our planet. 

To that end, you must understand: We now rest in a upward trajectory that will not end until the catalyst has exhausted its vitality. The questions you must impress upon yourselves now: Will this catalyst succeed? What is its final aim? What does failure look like? Is there evidence of similar planetary catalyses elsewhere we can observe that might provide insight into success or failure? Is catalyst’s failure assured? If it isn’t, how we succeed? And, most consequentially: How much time is left to act?

To the latter, I soberingly warn you: Less than a year remains, and should our economy crash this summer as all indications point to, should our election cycle be a repeat of the previous psychotic shitshows of social scandal acting as smoke screen masking now irreversible global calamity. Should our civilization fall and the Sino-Russian Empire complete its ascension, our catalysis is guaranteed failure. 

What evidence do we have for a failed planetary biochemical catalysis failure? Surely none! 

Not so: Look to your great sage, Carl Sagan, who was not an astronomer nor astrophysicist as we suppose, but a scholar and seeker of alien life. Mr. Sagan supposed when he was awarded his doctorate and throughout his career that our sister planet, Venus, has previously harbored and industrial civilization, and its unsage hand had caused the greenhouse calamity and enabled the methanic volcanism rendering her once-lovely surface the violent churning uninhabitable hell it is today. It’s a fascinating proclamation he advanced often and we’ve since forgotten. We knew little of geology in his lifetime, least of all a concept of ductile sub-liminal, sub-crustal rock. Any application of modern tectonic understanding, inclusive of this ductility of sub-crustal rock (and not the wrong-headed notion of a churning sea of steel-hot magma), confirms Sagan’s hypothesis for Venus as startlingly more reasonable. Applied against the obvious evidence of our species’ function as catalyst, the evidence is plain: Venus is a wasted morass, a toxic boiling geologic pustule wasted by a catalysis that failed.

Our opposite neighbor, Mars, also, is tectonically dead. Was Mars victim first to this disease— this parasitism? Is the supervolcano edifices and aeolian features we see now evidence of storms such as those Venus suffered, now long past? Did that excessive volcanism shed it’s vital planetary heat, too rapidly exhaust it’s core’s half life, and stun it dead in a geo-cardiac arrest, whose onset released  it’s magnetosphere’s protection, and so the sun’s fierce winds swept away the torment of it’s final hours, the torment of the toxic storm, and left a naked dead nothing, like his brother Mercury, as sepulcher of a wasted life?

Ladies, I posit simply thus: Whether we agree on what we suppose are their causes, your immediate planetary neighbors are dead. 

Venus and Mars are dead planets. I assert, boldly, both were murdered by the very same parasite, which feeds on this catalytic process we now emblematize, sucking the life from our earth this very moment. It does so first via smash and grab, then covers its tracks and forbids healing by slashing and burning the extraction site.

You are not raising your children in a good neighborhood. 

Planet death is a very, very real phenomenon. You should not suppose your species incapable of such a mighty seeming feat. This course is well underway: evidence for your species’ catalytic nature is in everything that we touch. Should we persist in turning away from this awesome endogenous power any longer— very literally through the end of this year— we damn not merely the generations ahead but the planet itself to Venus’ and Mars’ fate.

I assure you: This is the last year you have to act to make a difference. Fail, and damn your children and grandchildren to failed catalysis and the Venusian Hell Sagan supposed caused by precisely the same worship of vanity, scandal, and commodity we extol today