Founded by Grant Victor (who is also Brandon Heckman), the Institute for Endogenous Technology advances the work of the Ontology with the express purpose of saving the world from tyrrany, resolving climate change, and elevating the human to earthly stewards by entering into cocognition Gaian mind. This is accomplished via the application of A2 consciousess and the revelation of endogenous technology (fka zero-point energy), delivered via the rapid reorganization of the human population in tribes whose purpose is to generate new sustaining culture via the repurposing of imagination to the express purpose of BELONGING. For it is only in BELONGING that we the people truly THRIVE.

The Ontology is a theory of nature that satifies Emerson’s edict. The science amply reconciles string theory, quantum, and relativity, and serves as platform for advance of endogenous technology, which will reshape the world and save the future of this earth for all children— human, animal, and plant— via the evolution of the human species itself.

Your species is a catalyst. State change is immenant. Failure of this catalyst is planet-wide doom. Time is short. We can no longer delay.

If we fail to act by the end of 2018, there will be no turning back.

Salvation is possible. YOUR INSTITUTE FOR ENDOGENOUS TECHNOLOGY is its vehicle.